Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Productivity for the win!

I think this may well have been the most productive long weekend I have ever experienced. I had an incredibly long list to work through, and while I did not complete quite everything on that list, I did manage to knock some pretty big items off of it.

Here is the list I started with:
 - Deep clean entire apartment (this includes steaming the floors and finally finding a spot for all of the things that we had to bring from my parents' house when they started their renovations a few months ago)
- Wash the windows, inside and out
- Plant flowers in my new urns (more on the urns in a later post)
- Apply another layer of teak oil to our outdoor rocking chairs

A simple flower arrangement I put together for our dining room table to brighten up the space after I cleaned.

And here is what I actually managed to do this weekend:
- Deep clean the bedroom, kitchen, and dining room (I didn't get to the bathroom or the living room as the bathroom really isn't so bad since I keep on top of it, and Jake and I need to get rid of a few things - like an excess of printers -  before I can bother cleaning the living room. I have people coming over on June 4 though, so I have given myself a deadline of June 3 to get that done. In the meantime I can just keep it dusted and vacuumed)
- Washed the exterior of the windows (honestly? I just forgot to do inside. I'll likely finish that up after work sometime this week)
- Planted the urns
- Applied the teak oil to the rocking chairs
- Helped my friend Candice sand the outside trim around her front door (and then proceeded to do a coat of paint on it while she caught up on some school work)

New bright white paint on the trim makes for a very classic look.

All weekend Jake was helping his friend Dave (Candice's husband) gut the old barn that is at the back of the property. So I also did the following:
- Helped move demolition debris from the barn to the bins in their driveway
- Swept out the barn after the men called it quits
- Cooked meals with Candice for the four of us

Work is progressing on the barn. They made a great start this weekend.

All in all I was very pleased, albeit exhausted by the end of the weekend. I started yet ANOTHER project too that I'll share with you this week. 

How did you spend your long weekend? Was it productive? Or just gloriously relaxing? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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