Monday, 20 June 2016

Slacking with my posts, but look! A pretty thing!

I've been horrible lately for writing a new blog post. I know, I know... I'm totally the worst.

But there was one project I did recently that I definitely wanted to share with my hordes of readers (all three of you)!

If you recall, a while ago I fixed up some cast iron urns with the main intent of making my front entrance look fresh, pretty, and like the people who lived there cared somewhat.


What I wanted to do next was paint the front door a nice, bright, new colour. Nothing says "I LIKE LIVING HERE" than a beautifully painted front door. Or so I hear...

Anyway, I mentioned it to Jake, excitement seeping out of every pore, and he promptly shut me down. Flat. Like a pancake flat. Flatter. Like a crepe.


In his defence, he had a valid point. We had every intention of moving within the next few months. Why would we bother wasting time and energy to paint the front door of our apartment. I understood this immediately but still whined "...but it needs to be preeetty...."

Overcoming my disappointment, I refused to accept defeat and turned to Pinterest for ideas. What could I do to the front door that would be cheap, look good, and come with me when I moved...

When I saw this:

Pinterest Inspiration

I remembered this:

Look at the picture frame on the right. 

That is a picture from my wedding. I have no idea where my mom gets these ideas, but one day she came home with a bunch of picture frames and said "I need you to paint these your colours. We're going to hang flowers in them."

I had lived with my mother long enough to understand that when she says something like this, even if I don't understand, it's best to just go with it. So paint the frames I did, and my mom hung them up with real hydrangeas in them around the tent for our cocktail hour. I've never seen decor like it anywhere else and honestly? I loved it.

So I had my solution. I was going to create a similar look for my front door! I already had the frame (took one from the wedding) and all I needed was some fake flowers (because I obviously need it to last longer than just one day), spray paint (which again, I already had from a previous project), and ribbon (which I ended up using extra I had from a wedding gift).

Picture frame used previously at my wedding. 
I chose one of the frames that was a little more ornate in the corner details. The spray paint I had was a light, teal-blue colour with a lacquer style finish. Because of the fun modernity of the paint choice, I wanted to make sure the frame itself was a little more old school.

After a light sanding (very light. I don't have much patience for it), I coated the frame in the new paint. I gave it three coats with about 20 minutes of drying time between each coat.

Drying out on the deck
I then went to my local Michaels to check out their selection of fake plants. They aren't exactly cheap there, but they usually have a wide selection and the quality is good for the price. Plus they have a ton of coupons on their website that I normally look up on my phone while I'm in the checkout line. So you can certainly save some money.

I was smart enough to bring the lid of my spray paint with me so I could test out the colour with the various flowers. I'm so glad I did because what I initially gravitated toward looked horrible with the paint colour.

I also bought some wire (along with burlap ribbon and twine that I needed for a present I was wrapping) so I could ensure the flowers wouldn't go anywhere.

The stems were WAY too long for what I needed so I cut most of them off and ripped a few of the leaves off. Again, you think I'd have learned to take pictures of every step since I write a blog but I was crazy busy the night I did this little project and totally forgot in my rush to get it done.

I used two stems of hydrangea and bound them together with the wire. I then wrapped twine around them too, making sure I had a good grip, then tied the flowers to the picture frame. Finally I tied a big bow around the stems with the burlap ribbon and hung it up on the door. I LOVED how full it was.

I ended up having to rip some of the petals off in the back (and cut some of the petal... stems?) because it was so full that when I closed the storm door it got incredibly squished.
But after that little amendment, it turned out great.

And now the exterior of my front entrance looks great!

Not bad for a $20 fix eh?

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