Monday, 4 July 2016

Hespeler Reunion 2016

I admit, I've been horrible with blog updates lately. But there are a number of things going on right now that have prevented me from doing anything blog-worthy.

Then I realised that one of them is TOTALLY blog-worthy and I really ought to write about it.

This upcoming weekend is the Hespeler Reunion. This will be the 7th reunion since the very first one was held in 1906 (it was called the Old Boy's Reunion back then). Since that original event, there was another one held in 1926, 1947, 1966, 1996, and 2006.

Hespeler has grown tremendously in the last number of years and much of its population are newbies, so this will likely be the first reunion of many that behaves more like a huge three-day festival rather than a time to reminisce about days gone by.

Why would this take up any of my time if it's not until next weekend? I volunteered to be the Street Market Coordinator, that's why!

It has been a crazy task to take on, especially since my actual job just got busier as well. But I'm hoping that it will be a great event :)

That's me at the parade.

This past Friday was Canada Day and some of the committee members and volunteers participated in the Cambridge Canada Day Parade to promote the reunion. It was pouring at the beginning but then the sun came out and by the end of the parade we were pretty dry. I'm really not complaining because I hate feeling hot and the rain ensured that it was a nice, cool day.

Besides Canada Day, we've been hitting up various events over the past year to promote it. It's been quite the year!

Hespeler Santa Claus Parade, 2014.
The mascot for the reunion is Buzz the Bee.
Hespeler used to be known as the "Behive of Activity" due to it's industrial roots.

Active Cambridge Urban Run, 2015.

Cambridge Canada Day Parade, 2015.
That's me and my neice who has played the "Bee Girl" on multiple occasions.

Forbes Park Music Festival, 2015.

Hespeler Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, 2015.
I'm the first on the left.

Hespeler Santa Claus Parade, 2015.
Me and the "Bee Girl" again.

New Years Eve Family Skate at Hespeler Arena, 2015.

I've decided to start an Instagram account for my blog and on the day of the event I'll post pictures of my day! I'll also use this account in the future to show any finds or houses or whatever else I think is awesome that won't necessarily require a full blog post to explain.

My brand-spanking new Instagram Profile!

If you want more information on the Hespeler Reunion check it out here or on Facebook here.

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