Monday, 19 September 2016

My brand of curb-appeal - The urns get a new home!

First, you may have noticed a slight change to the layout of the blog. I adjusted it in order to make all of the pictures bigger. For a while now I'd been annoyed at how dinky the pictures looked, especially if you were reading on a cellphone. So today I took some time to figure out how to adjust the layout to make larger pictures fit. I even went back and edited every single post for your viewing pleasure and my own sanity. 

We just went from pictures this size: 

To this size:

So if there was something in a previous post that you wanted to see a bit better... now you can. You're welcome :) 

Now, to the point of this post.
If you recall, back in the spring I made my very first Kijiji buy and got myself a pair of cast iron urns which I restored

My beauties flanking the front door of our old apartment.

When we moved out of the apartment and into my parents' house, there were a few things that we decided to take straight to our house to store there. Things like gardening tools, Jake's bike, our vegetable garden, our rocking chairs, and I insisted that the urns go too. 

The vegetable garden we built last year.
It's made tall enough to sit beside the deck so you can work in it while standing on the deck and it be the perfect height.
Jake would be the first to say that he does not see the point of putting plants outside a house that not only we do not live in, but is also a freaking construction zone. 

I, of course, disagree.

We started by putting the empty urns out front and buying some Fall-inspired mums. I decided to go the slightly lazy route of just buying pre-potted mums and then transferring the whole pot into the urns. In hindsight I should have taken a little bit more time with it, but whatever. It worked. 

Apparently Costco had an amazing deal on mums but I was too lazy to drive out there and just picked two of these up from our local Zehrs.

The first step was to line the bottom of the urn with something to prevent the dirt from falling through the hole there.

I'm quite pleased with how the urns are holding up after a season of use. I didn't spray paint all of the inside so this is exactly how it should look!
The outside has held up immaculately!

It was time to transfer the flowers!

As you can see, the potted mums I bought were WAY too thick at the bottom to fit in the urn. So I had to crumble some of the dirt to get the roots to taper properly. Jake held the flowers just above the urn while I loosened the dirt as fast as I could to drop in the bottom of the urns. Once that was done, we had two planted urns again!

Creeper shot of me in the reflection of the window.
I chose two pots that had multiple colours of mums in them. I wanted the urns to be substantial and I loved the idea of adding colour outside without the use of any of my real decorations since that was not an option. 

After a few weeks and lots of rain the flowers are coming out and that much-needed burst of Fall has arrived at our dusty house. I just have to say thank goodness for mother nature and amazing neighbours! We don't have water hooked up right now so our new plants were getting a little dry. But then our neighbours granted us the use of one of their rain barrels and that, combined with the steady rain we're finally getting, has transformed our mums to look like this: 

I apologise for the sucky quality of that picture. I was working upstairs and had my phone out for a good chunk of time because I decided to take VIDEO of what I was working on. I clearly didn't wipe off the camera lens before taking this picture. But yes, look for some video in the near future (once I figure out how to edit it). 

Anyway, with the upgrade of the mailbox and the addition of some festive flowers, the front of our house is starting to gain some of my brand of curb-appeal. A fact that I am very thrilled about :) 

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