Monday, 24 October 2016

A break from demo

Before you start to panic on our behalf... no. We are not taking a break from demolition. I just thought that YOU might want a break from it.

I haven't been very consistent with my updates lately and going through my photos I realised that I haven't even been taking many pictures. The reason for that is because it's all demo. Demo, demo, demo. I'm getting bored with it, therefore I assume you all must be too.

To fill you in on where we currently stand:
- Living room is completely down to the studs
- We found some extensive dry rot in there that we need to take care of so we decided to get the main floor down to the studs before fixing it so we can just do it all at once
- As of yesterday, the main floor (with the exception of the kitchen since that was a much newer addition and should be easy to demo) is completely down to the studs!!
- we need to take stock on where all of the dry rot is and then we will work to repair it all on the main floor.
- After the main floor is solid, the next step will be to get the upstairs back to the studs (and to sister up a beam in the master bedroom ceiling)

Living room down to the studs. I don't have any pictures of the bathroom/study or the dining room.
I'm a terrible blog writer.. sorry.

But in the meantime, I thought I'd entertain you by sharing our master bedroom goals and ideas.

Consider this my very first [booming voice-over] INSPIRATION POST!!!!! [cheers of the masses]

This will be a heavily photo-centred post with most of the descriptions short and sweet in between. So here we go!

If you recall, this is what (one-half) of our master bedroom looked like when we first took possession:
Back half of what will become our master bedroom.
I forgot to take a picture of the other half evidently.
We took this wall down early on and it came down very easily: 

Wall separating the two sides.

View from the back half looking to the window on the front of the house.
The room was instantly brighter with two windows instead of one :) 
My brother-in-law, Greg, taking a selfie of us in celebration of the wall coming down.
Next we removed the plaster:

Very strange panorama I had to take before I got my new phone with a wide-angle lens. 
And that is about where we stand right now aside from the temporary wall Jake and I constructed to brace the ceiling before the joist can get fixed (we think a squirrel was eating away at it).

When we first looked at this house, Jake and I knew that we wanted the style to fit the house but also to enhance it. A lot of the original features in the house were very simple but with a few more expensive touches here and there. For example, the windows have a curved top which is a more decorative feature. However our windows were never built with a counter weight system to keep them up when opened. This was a more expensive feature and was left out. Another example was the original trim. On the main floor it was just a little bit more ornate than on the second floor. This was a way to save money while giving the appearance to guests of more wealth.

Jake and I want to add a bit of history-inspired glamour into our home and this is how we want to accomplish that in the master bedroom:

Picture Frame Trim:
We knew we wanted to add a lot more trim-work throughout the house and decided on picture frame style for both the bedroom and the living room.

Picture Frame trim.
Taken from Pinterest.

I love the richness of this colour combination.
Taken from Pinterest.
We plan on putting up trim similar to this in our bedroom and then painting ALL of it (including baseboards, windows, and crown moulding) the same colour.

The flooring throughout the house was in pretty rough shape and wasn't consistent from room to room. And since probably the thing I loathe most about old houses is their inescapably squeaky floors, we decided to just put all new flooring down. Everywhere.

This is something that we jumped the gun a little bit on and ended up buying before we actually closed on the house. A very risky venture.

After shopping around a bit, we decided to go with a distressed, engineered hardwood that has a little bit of a wider plank. We wanted it to look and feel like it could have belonged in the house originally, that's where the wide-plank and distressed look come into play. And we also wanted it to look elegant. That is where the rich colour comes into play.

The reason we chose engineered hardwood was for two very legitimate reasons; cost and Seamus. We knew that Seamus will likely scratch up the floors and we didn't want to care too much about it. Looking to the future, if we are still living in the house when Seamus dies, we will probably put down true hardwood.

The wood flooring will be throughout the house with the exception of the master bathroom, main floor bathroom, front vestibule, and kitchen. We currently have our millions of boxes stored at Jake's parents' house. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US DO THIS SUE AND VINCE!

We got it on sale too! 

It's beeeeauuuuutiful! I can't wait to see it in the house.

I LOVE hardwood floors in bedrooms. I do not, however, like getting out of bed on a cold winter morning only to have my toes freeze when they touch the floor.

This is why man invented the rug.

I also love the way that a rug looks in a room. They add instant warmth, colour, texture, and tend to ground the space.

We have already purchased our rug for our bedroom too. A rug store was closing in our local mall and we decided to take advantage of their sale prices. We ended up buying one that is HUGE because nothing drives me more crazy than seeing a dinky rug where it should not be. And while our main decision came from what the rug looked like, we lucked out and happened to pick one of the higher quality rugs (I say luck... but really.. I have an exceptional gift for picking the most expensive thing in the store without looking at the price tag). This rug should last us for decades.

We plan to pick our wall colour based off of the blue tones in this rug.

Imagine this on top of the rich wood flooring. Beautiful!
I'm also very excited to see this sucker set up.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Jake and I made our headboard from scratch last year. And as much as we both loved it, it was far too modern looking for the style we want to achieve in our Victorian home. This called for a new headboard.

Yet another splurge we bought early in the game (can you tell we got excited?).

After some pretty extensive shopping both online and in store, we selected this beauty from Ashley Furniture.

A childhood dream has officially come true.
I have wanted a tufted headboard pretty much my entire life so I knew that was a main feature. Jake wanted height, for both comfort and grandeur (comfort for when sitting up in bed). There were a few other nit-picky things that we both had as requirements but we did all of this shopping months ago and I forget most of them now. The colouring had to be somewhat neutral in case we moved or wanted to change any colours around it and this absolutely fit the bill.

The other thing we both love about this bed (because it is a complete bed frame, not just the headboard) is the formality of the tufting combined with the more casual fabric. It lends a much more "lived-in" quality to the bed.

Gorgeous colouring in the fabric. Lots of shades to pick up on and play with.
Early on in our renovation, we had to sit down and plan our all of our electrical throughout the house. This gave us the opportunity to think about what we wanted in our master bedroom.

I demanded a chandelier. I'm a sucker for chandeliers and adore the instant elegance they add to a space.

Ooo! Ahhh!
Taken from Pinterest.
The chandelier cannot be a large one because the ceilings are only 8' on the second floor and it will hang over the bed. But I am determined to get it as big as possible while still being visually appealing.

To go with our chandelier, we decided to install sconces on either side of the bed. I lived the first year of our marriage without bed-side lights and I HATED it. As a reader, it's an abomination not having a lamp beside your bed. But by having sconces instead of lamps, we can keep our night-side tables clear. I'm pretty excited about this one.

We want to go with something to match the chandelier so that the room looks cohesive.

Taken from Pinterest.
 The chandelier and the sconce pictured were just a first, general idea. They are in no way set in stone. These lights will totally be determined by what we find when we're ready to buy them. And our opinion on the colouring might change. The only thing that is confirmed is that we will have a chandelier and we will have sconces.

Phew! That was far longer than I intended this post to be. I'll stop it here to leave a few more surprises for when we actually begin to put this room back together.

What do you think of our design choices? Agree? Disagree? Think we are freaking insane for buying so much so early? (Don't worry, I think so to. Although I'm actually glad that those costs are already out of the way.)


  1. I love the picture frame trim and headboard :) Can't wait to see how it all turns out

    1. Thanks! Me too. I have to admit upfront that the picture frame trim idea DID come from Jake... so... I'll give him some credit lol