Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 in review

I can't believe the year is already at its end. What with all the celebrity deaths this year, I think a lot of people are excited for 2016 to be over but to me it seems like this year positively FLEW by!

I've decided to just take some time and share with you a brief recap of my year (since this blog started). These will be a small list of my favourites, most popular, etc. So strap yourselves in for the recap of a lifetime!!! (...ish)

Most Read Post:
July 31 - First day at the new house

First time entering the house when it actually belonged to us!
I'm not 100% sure why this particular post got the highest ratings in terms of readership but I suspect it partially had to do with the fact that the hunt was actually over and there was such hope for good renovation content!

When I re-read this one, all I can think is "Oh... you young, optimistic thing you..." We thought we'd be able to have all the demolition done by the end of July (HA!) and be moved in by October (HA HA!).

Obviously that has not been the case. Plaster took way more time and effort than anticipated. Then we had to move out of our apartment, which took us away from time at the house. Then Fall rolled around and we both lost motivation and sunlight. And now it is December 30 and we still haven't completed demolition. *sigh* If we knew then what we know now do I think we'd have bought this house?

I don't know.

But I'm glad we bought this house. Our first house is going to be done exactly how we'd like it to be done shy of building it completely from scratch ourselves. It makes me happy too knowing that we are going to be breathing new life into our old house while adding a colossal dash of old world charm.

Best Buy of 2016:
September 28 - When expectations get shattered by cooler things

Close-up "CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT IS" photo of our doorbell
This is a tough one, but I think I'm going to go with the doorbell we bought at this year's Aberfoyle Antique Market Fall Show on our anniversary weekend.

We went into that day wanting to come home with a door knocker. Something unique that would fit the style we're going for in our house. And I would have been thrilled about buying a door knocker! But then we stumbled upon this beauty and an older couple who told us they had one and how amazing it was.

I'm really excited to restore the front door and install the doorbell in its new home. I think it is such a beautiful statement piece while also being incredibly functional.

Most Improved:
June 3 - Surprising even myself - Cast iron urns revealed!

Knowing I own these makes me so happy :) 
Easy peasy. The cast iron urns win most improved!

Sure, they weren't in too rough of shape to begin with, but neither was anything else really. And the house has gone down in beauty, not up yet (we'll get there! I swear!). So these beautiful front-yard staples definitely take this category in a landslide.

Not only was I totally stoked about buying something from kijiji for the first time... but I got them at such a great price! And it was the first step to gaining some curb appeal at our apartment! I felt officially grown up ha ha!

A good scrape with wire brushes and CLR and then a fresh coat of paint and these urns have served me well for two seasons so far! I was going to do something festive for Christmas in them, but didn't have time... I'll spruce them up again once we live in the house. They'll be the easiest way to add some seasonal decor outside.

Personal Favourite:
It's a tie!

May 30 - Incredulity instead of heartbreak
May 13 - And It Begins...

The house that we didn't stand a chance in buying
I loved Incredulity instead of heartbreak because this was the first house Jake and I legitimately considered putting an offer in on. I also learned a lot about what I wanted in a home, and what Jake wanted. This post was also just really fun to write.

Whenever I drive by this house I always creepily stare at it. The new owners have fixed the structural damage now, but in my opinion it looks a little silly since there is just one wall that is vinyl siding... Jake says that maybe they did that just to tide them over until they can do what they actually want. I suspect otherwise.

I don't long for this house. I would have loved living on the river, but not the busy road. And the parking was less than ideal (barely two spots compared to our 5 that we have at our house) plus the house was done. Done in a way I really liked for the most part... but done. It would have been years before we could afford (or be bothered) to update the things we'd want to change. Especially if we had to fix that structural damage.

No. I do not long for this house. But I enjoyed viewing it and will likely keep an eye on it whenever it comes on the market for curiosity's sake as well as just straight up fun.

The one that started it all
And It Begins... is a favourite for the simple fact that it was the post that set the tone for my entire blogging adventure.

Viewing this home (and reading other blogs) inspired me in multiple ways. First, to start my own blog documenting our first time homebuyer's journey as well as a source of accountability to accomplish the things I say I'll do (like mini projects such as the quilt rack or the hydrangea picture frame). And second, this house made me realize that I wouldn't be happy with a cookie-cutter home. I wouldn't be happy with a home that lacked character. I wouldn't be happy with a home that didn't look like it belonged in the 19th century.

Of course I'd have survived without issue if that was what we ended up buying. But buying the home that we did, with all the work that we have done and still need to do.... it makes me incredibly proud and happy. This post was the beginning of this blog and I love it for that small and simple fact.

Well! That's it for the 2016 awards! We've got some pretty big things coming up in the near future that I hope to be able to blog about. Including two posts from Jake! (I interviewed him last night)

Here's to a promising 2017! 
Happy New Year!!

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