Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Back at it!!

First, let me just say I hope you all had a very merry Christmas this year! I know I did!
Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and I was totally and completely bummed out that we couldn't be in our house to celebrate.

One of the 6 Christmas trees that I decorated this year.
This is my sister-in-law's mother's tree ha ha!

In hindsight it was probably a good thing we weren't because we wouldn't have had much time or money to do Christmas right there (I have big plans for decorating next year!! I promised my neighbours that they wouldn't have to look at such an un-festive house during the holiday season ever again!)

But with Christmas over, and New Years a notoriously lazy evening for Jake and I in recent years, we officially have time and energy to devote to the house again!

It feels incredible. Like we are back on track and not stuck in the stalemate we've been in over the past two months.

Yesterday we went and worked on demolishing the kitchen as well as spent some more time removing lath. I took a few pictures just to update you on where we stand so that will be pretty much all this post covers.

Please note that we have decided to take a bit of a different approach to the rest of demolition. We are no longer cleaning as we go. It's driving me slightly insane, but we decided to get one last garbage bin and to save money on it, we're just going to take down as much as we possibly can and then spend next weekend (not this upcoming holiday weekend, but the one after that) cleaning and finally have all of the demo done!

I am beyond excited. We are back on schedule!!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of our current state of insane affairs.

Study / Downstairs Bath
The kitchen used to be our dumping ground for tools and whatnot, but since we are now working in there, it all got moved to this crazy pile.

Dining Room.
The lumber there will be used to brace the floors when we fix the dry rot. Still have to buy some pressure treated wood to do that project. Plus we wanted the house tidy again before starting such a scary endeavour.

Living Room.
It got messier as the day wore on. Became our "garbage" dumping ground.


Upstairs Hallway.
Master Bedroom on the right. Guest Bedroom (Spare Oom) and my Closet on the left.

Master Bedroom

Inside view of Master Bedroom

Spare Oom and my Closet

View standing inside the Living Room and looking at the Staircase and Dining Room beyond.
I didn't bother taking any pictures of the master bathroom because that has not really been touched in a long while and isn't super relevant right now.

Here is what we accomplished with the kitchen yesterday.

Kitchen at the beginning of the day.
You can see that Jake had already started this before (I believe our ever present friend Dave helped as well)
The kitchen is a newer addition, so fibreglass insulation was used here (big pile on the left) rather than the loose stuff everywhere else.
It made for quick disposal, but itchy disposal. 

Completely unsanctioned photo with Jake in it.
He'll be mad if he finds out I posted this one. But at least his face is blurry.

He demanded I take one without him in it. Here it is. 

We cleaned up the mess first and then started on taking down the upper cabinets. The one on the left proved to be too difficult to remove since the lower cabinets jut out in that corner. And since we had a gas leak (don't ask...) a few weeks ago, Jake is paranoid about unhooking the stove again. So we left that up and began working on removing the lower cabinets instead. 

We have HUGE plans for our dream kitchen, but that will not be happening for a few years at least since it will be quite an expensive renovation. So in the meantime, we plan on updating it enough to last us for those years while we save up. This meant that it was imperative to save not only the cabinetry, but the counter top as well. 

A few years ago Jake met a lady who paints cabinets and (more importantly) will paint kitchen counter tops to look like stone or whatever you want really. I've seen many pictures of her work and am really excited. My parents have given us additional cabinets and counters to add so we can have more prep space and storage which is awesome. But it means that our kitchen will be a jumbled mashup of things. By painting it all, we can ensure that at least at first glance it looks cohesive. It will also freshen the room up enough to guarantee I won't hate it in the years before our proper kitchen reno.

Drawers taken out. 

Mounting garbage pile in the Living Room.
The bags are all filled with insulation.

Upper cabinets stored in the closet for now

Crazy-thick layer of dust on top of them. Yuck!

And this is where we left off!
We couldn't remove that last bit of cabinetry because the pipes for the sink were installed after it was put in, meaning we'll have to cut the pipes (or the cabinet) to get it out. And that was something we didn't really feel like doing at that exact moment in time.

Once we remove it though, we can get rid of the last bits of panelling and the last section of ceiling. Then it will be smooth sailing for putting this kitchen back together!!

I've managed to convince Jake that we should buy a dishwasher now and not wait until the full reno. I'm pretty sure living at my parents' house has helped him see how incredibly amazing dishwashers are (FINALLY!) So we're going to be adding that, but we will keep the fridge and stove until they either crap out or we renovate properly. They seem to be in good condition and will just need a good cleaning after all this messy work is done. We will also be throwing out the old sink and updating it with a double basin sink. Nothing fancy, just making it a little more functional.

It feels AMAZING to be back in the house working on getting things done. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel again and it makes me very excited :)

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