Thursday, 12 January 2017

Inspiration: Jake's hand-made bench PART I

Okay! Two things!

First: I interviewed Jake for his "Public Service Announcement" but we both agreed that we'll save his winterising advice for next year... BEFORE winter actually hits.

Second: As promised, here is the beginnings of a step-by-step guide that Jake gave to me (to the best of his memory anyway) to building the beautiful bench he made for his sister.

How to make a live-edge bench
The bench in all its glory!
So to begin, my parents "renovated" their home this past year. I use the term "renovated" quite loosely because what they did was tear down their old home and then build a brand new one. (I know I've promised a post on their new house but my mom doesn't have it furnished and stylised on the inside quite how she wants it yet and being of the same mind as her, I won't post pictures of it until it's what she wants. I might do the odd post here and there about elements that have been completed though)


But part of their renovation design choices involved live-edge wood. My parents knew that they wanted their house to be very modern but with distinct choices to ensure it matched the heavily wooded property it sat on.

For example, they chose a red metal roof to match the one on the sugar shack. 
So, one idea they had was to add elements of live-edged wood numerous times throughout the house.

Custom floating vanity in the powder room
Bench they had made
Close-up of the bench

When they purchased their wood, they also decided to purchase 4 additional slabs to give to each child (and their spouses I GUESS).

Some of the live-edge wood. 

At this point it had been kiln dried, but nothing else done to it whatsoever. 

That is where we started.
With a live-edge slab of wood and a million ideas of what we could do with it!

My next post will cover the first steps Jake took and how he settled on the final design.

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