Friday, 17 February 2017

It's the little things in life

As I mentioned before, Jake and I spent our Valentine's Day framing up the doorway to the master bathroom. And strangely enough, this was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had (honestly, I loved it)... so Jake has set the bar REAL low for the future (his master plan I'm sure).

We had planned on framing up the door and then working on a bunch of blocking, but we only managed to get the door done. Why? Because one of the most evil things known to mankind intervened.


Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Original entrance to the back bedroom. 

That is what the doorway looked like when we bought the house. Cute right? Totally has some charm and character to it. The only issue was the height. And it wasn't even that big of an issue for us since I'm 5'8" and Jake is 5'9".

But as we tore into the walls, I realized there would be SO much more headroom if we got rid of the slanted edge on the right side.

When we removed the old framework I suddenly lost that feeling that I needed to duck every time I went through.
We also knew that we wanted to add a door here. The room was becoming a bathroom and having some degree of privacy while showering seems like a generally good idea. To do this effectively (given the strange size and angle of the opening) we decided to do the sliding barn door style. The jury is still out on what said door actually looks like though.

Upon arrival Tuesday evening, this is what we had to work with:

View from across the staircase.

View from inside the bathroom itself.
Sorry for the poor photos here, I was too lazy to move the worklight.

View from inside the bathroom again but showing the whole wall that the doorway is in.
You can really see the angle of the ceiling here. 
With our headlamps on we looked like total losers, but it was the BEST way to work in the dark. All of our cuts were done downstairs and we only have one work light right now so we could leave that upstairs and just go and make the cuts no problem. Headlamps are the poop.

Anyway, we got right into it and in no time at all we had this done:

Easy peasy lemon squeasy!
All we had left to do was add the angled piece to match the roofline and then BAM, we'd be done and could move on to something else.

This, however, proved to be far more difficult than a) we first thought and b) it should have ever been.

What to do, what to do...
We couldn't for the life of us figure out how to get the exact angle we needed to cut to match the roof-line exactly. Jake was all for just eyeballing it but I was adamant we could do it right.

It was strange, I felt like this was totally one of those moments where an argument could have broken out, tensions high, frustration building... But it just wasn't. We were so embarrassed that something so simple was eluding us that it just became a hilarious project. We (me, mainly) were DETERMINED to get it right. I'm pretty sure at one point Jake was staring at it and just yelled "COME ON HIGH SCHOOL MATH!"

And then... once I finally realized what we could do to get the proper angle, Jake just whispered "we tell no one about this."

I laughed. Agreed. And then said "well, except for everyone on my blog."

He groaned but then I said "Oh come on... this is hilarious!"

So we popped up the angled piece and called it a night.

Ooo! Ahh!

I'm stupidly proud of that angle.
I keep telling everyone about it and they all look at me with the weirdest expression because of how passionate I am when I talk about it. 
Since we built it on Valentine's Day I jokingly stated that it was our doorway of love. Jake had such a negative reaction when I called it that, I've since decided that the name should stick. I'm so nice :)

I made the realization later that night that had we hired out all of the renovation work, I would never have even noticed this doorway, let alone been proud of the stupid thing. And who knows, I may not have even realized that it was better with only one angle.

Doing all of these renovations ourselves is exhausting and more often than not I am frustrated that we aren't living in the house, but there is certainly something to be said for knowing every inch of it. The slow going is also allowing us to rethink our original designs and ideas and make them better. Had we just hired everything out, we wouldn't have been able to take the time to really think things over.

It sucks now, but in the long run I will be able to look back at things like this little doorway of love and remember the pride I felt when we managed to finally figure out how to get that stupid angle perfect.

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