Tuesday, 14 February 2017

So beautiful I could cry

Happy Valentine's day! Jake and I are spending the evening framing up the new doorway into our master bathroom. Super romantic, don't be too jealous! (I'm actually really excited to be getting this done ha ha. I've become so lame)

This past weekend we FINALLY finished demolition in the master bathroom.

You honestly have no idea how utterly thrilled this makes me. This room has been the thorn in our side for quite a while, mainly because we hit a snag and then suddenly didn't want to deal with plaster, or lath, or insulation anymore.

But it is done!

Let's go through it all from the beginning (I can't believe I'm doing a "before" and "after" for this room when literally all that is done is demo... but THAT is how happy it makes me)

Entry to the back bedroom/bathroom.
This is directly at the top of the stairs and will be the future home of our master bathroom!

When we purchased the house, the master bathroom was actually a bedroom with an ensuite. I don't think our house was originally built with an indoor bathroom. So over time they had to be added in spaces where they weren't designed for. I also am fairly certain that the bedroom itself was a non-original addition (converted attic space into a bedroom). I have no solid proof on either of these claims, but that's my assessment of the situation.

Anyway, the bathroom was a decent enough size, fit a toilet, vanity, and tub/shower combo. Nothing inherently wrong with it at all.

Demo already started.
The bathroom is on the right, there was an open closet of sorts on the left. 

Jake and I, however, wanted something a little more grand. And losing the bedroom space would not be an issue for us since it would just be us and Seamus in the house. We saw more value in utilizing the space to create an amazing bathroom oasis.

So we decided that we would keep the basic layout, but shift walls to have a gorgeous master bathroom with a water closet.

So much light in this room.
By far the hottest room in the whole house, but that will be okay for a bathroom :) 
Demo started off brilliantly and if you recall, we found some pretty old newspapers under different levels of flooring.

We found papers dating in the 1970's and the 1940's

We even found an old advertisement from the 70's for our church!
My brother spent a day working on tearing up the flooring and getting the bathroom demolished and walls down.

Instantly made the room seem HUGE

And we found that small window on the right which was hidden behind the wall of the tub.

Then we took a break in this room and spent weeks removing plaster throughout the house. When we finally got to this room (the last one on our list) we discovered that the floor joists were cut into really deeply to accommodate the plumbing. Jake immediately told me to leave the room and not step foot in there again until he could fix the problem.

So another week or so went by and we moved onto removing the lath in the house. Jake and his friend Dave spent a Saturday sistering up the joists from the study below while I worked with my parents to remove the insulation in the living room.

Jake and Dave sistering up the joists so it would be safe to walk in the bathroom again.
But we kept putting off finishing demolition in the master bathroom.


Because there was plaster in there.

We had spent SO much time and effort removing the plaster in the house that we were both dreading, and I mean absolutely DREADING the idea of having to deal with it again. It was one of those things that we just avoided.

But finally we realized that it was the only room in the house that still had so much to do. And we wanted to get rid of the garbage bin (OUR LAST!!!!!) so we had to get it done.

This weekend we bit the bullet and did it. And I am so happy we finally did.

Excuse the quality of the photo, this was taken after work one night and there is no light in the house.

This is the door frame that we are re-doing tonight. 
It's so beautiful!
The house looks so big when you stand in this corner and look through all the walls to the other end of the house.

I love it. 

Most of the plumbing will be staying in the same spot and we will be adding a claw-foot tub on the left side of the room

This is a view from Spare Oom looking through the wall into the bathroom. 

Various holes we have to patch up. We are keeping this flooring in the bathroom and putting a sub-floor over top of it just for extra strength. 
I know to most people, these pictures don't look very exciting. But to us, this has been a chore we have been avoiding for months and to have the gross work finally finished feels so good.

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