Thursday, 9 February 2017

Too many ideas to pick just one!

When thinking of the design of our dining room, Jake and I have similar ideas on what it should look like in general, but how we achieve that look seems to differ. Jake had suggested using stencils to get our ideal look and at first I was hesitant to go that route (I was leaning more toward wallpaper).

Just search "glamourous wallpaper" and you will not be disappointed.
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All of these are just from one site...
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But recently, I've become more open to the idea of using wall stencils for the complete customization aspect involved. With wallpaper, you're stuck with the colours and the overall design of what you can find. Stencils mean that colour and placement are totally up to you. The other benefit of stencils is cost and removal. It is WAY cheaper to do something glamourous or elegant looking. And if you don't like it in a couple of years, you just paint over it. Easy peasy. 

This lead me to thinking "okay... how can I test if I like the stencil look without having to commit to doing it in such a visible space as the dining room?"

And then it came to me.


It was the perfect room to try something just a little bit over the top with the added benefit of being in a more private area of the house (in case I screw up royally).

I began to peruse the internet for stencil patterns that I liked. 

Classic damask.
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Oo!! That's getting fancy and fun!
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Hoahefohsdfhsdhf!!! It's even called the Marie Antoinette panel! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!
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So this morning I decided to tell Jake about my ideas over our morning cup of coffee (without admitting that he may of been right all along of course). He suggested I look at a couple of different Dulux products that could help make it look even better. (Shameless Dulux plug)



They have a paint that is actually called Liquid Metal. 

So cool!


So then I thought... what if I did something like this:

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Jake said that it wouldn't be a good idea because if I got sick of it in a few months I couldn't change it (due to said ceiling being in my closet. And once my closet is set up and in place, it's not getting moved out to re-paint the ceiling).

Photo credit. 
I said that would require a world in which I would eventually fall out of love with a gold ceiling in my closet. 

And even though I was totally gaga for the gold ceiling idea, my mind started racing with other potential ideas. 

Like, what about a silver ceiling? 

Oo la la!
Taken from Pinterest.
It might be a little more subtle than gold. 

Really pretty.
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Jake wasn't quite on the same page as me and said (quite hesitatingly, like a gentleman) that it might come off as a bit... gaudy. I corrected him and said garish. And then added "but I'm turning a whole bedroom into a closet, I think I'm past the point of no return on this one. Might as well go all the way!"

Still... there were other options that could potentially look good and cost less (this paint isn't exactly cheap). 

So what if I just did gold trim?
I remember wanting gold trim when I was a little girl.
Evidently I was a strange little girl.
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Maybe just enhance the trim?
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Jake suggested making it look distressed, so just having a little bit on the trim. Enough to enhance it without overdoing it. This intrigues me, but I've never really done the whole "distressed" thing. (Side note: I just finished binge-reading another blog and these people are the MASTERS of the distressed farm look. Check them out if you love that style) It could be fun trying that out. 

But then I got back onto the stencil idea. What if I did stencils, but with the metallic sheen?

That's super pretty too!
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But THEN! I saw that Dulux has this other textured paint called Venetian Silk, which again, is a great name. 
Naming game is on point!
This paint is pretty cool, it gives a kind of sheen but in a really unique, textured way. You have to apply it with a trowel to get the texture and it looks amazing on walls. 

Amazing. I love the way the light plays with it.
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So I could totally still do the stencils, but use this instead and make the patterns a little more three-dimensional? I don't know... it could be cool. 

As you can tell, I'm all over the map and can't decide what I want to do. And while I'm not quite ready to actually DO any of this, I need to figure it out soon so that  I can get my closet painted before hanging up any of my clothes. 


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