Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Antiquing, or, buying things you didn't account for because you couldn't find the thing you needed.

As I mentioned in my last post (which was a while ago... ) Jake and I recently went antiquing, one of our favourite pastimes. I know... we're ancient.

I can't remember now why we weren't at the house, but I'm sure there was a perfectly valid reason for slacking. *cough*

We went out with the express intent to buy a new, old, newel post. In my constant "things for the house" research I came across a salvage shop in St Jacobs that people seemed to love.

I started following them on facebook and decided to message them to see if they had any newel posts in stock. In less than a day I got a response back saying that yes, they did, and then they sent me some pictures!

I kept falling for the over-the-top ornate ones (seen in pictures below)
Jake was far more sensible and liked the light one in the middle of this picture.

There is nothing inherently wrong with our current newel post. I just want something bigger to create a statement.

Garbage photo.
Took it one evening while working on the house because I just needed a picture on my phone for comparative purposes.
So on the day in question we trekked out to Artefacts and took a look around. Evidently we took too long to go and see the newel posts in person (granted it was like two or three weeks since I first messaged them...) because the one Jake liked was gone. 

Instead I got to look at all of this eye candy:
This store was so much fun!
Jake wasn't in the mood to browse while in this store for some reason though so I couldn't really take my time. 

GORGEOUS! Also, WAY too big for our stairs. 

I was trying to sell Jake on this one but he didn't like it.
In hindsight I kind of agree with him... but shhh! Don't tell him!
So no newel post. Poop. BUT This store had other things to oggle! Like their restoration hardware section! I really wanted there to be window hardware but no such luck. 

Beautiful selection!
So while we left the store disappointed, the store itself was not a disappointment. I will definitely be going back as the need arises. 

While we were already in St Jacobs, Jake suggested we hit up some of the antique stores located there. 

Obviously I was game for that. 

Last year Jake bought an antique hand drill and we both knew that antique tools was something that he wanted to start collecting. It didn't take long for him to find an antique Stanley level that was both an amazing price and in great condition. I gave my approval of the purchase and it was whisked away to the front desk for him while we continued to shop. 

His plan is to display the tools over his desk, while also keeping them in working condition for projects around the house. This is something I am 100% okay with. Especially since so far the price has been right. If I remember correctly, the level was only $25 or something like that and the drill was around $15. In another aisle he found an antique hand planer and added that to the collection. 

Jake's beauties.
The level was in incredible condition, but he plans on refinishing the wood sections of the planer

The deal was that since he was buying something (two somethings in fact), I could pick something too. But what on earth would I buy?! I was contemplating a glass oil lamp for a while. Visually pleasing while also functional for when the power went out. Ultimately I couldn't commit to one though. 

Then I found this thing:

Isn't this just the cutest spice rack/drawer system?!

Instantly I fell in love with it. And just as fast I fell out of love with it. The price tag read $295.00.


Nevertheless I called Jake over and asked him if he thought he could make something like it. All the while I was trying to think of a way to use the drawers without actually having the spices just loose in them...

Jake said that it would probably take him a while, but yeah, he could come up with something similar. 

Alright. Sweet. Moving on. 


We purchased Jake's tools and then went to another antique store nearby that we frequent to see what they had in stock. 

Oh. My. Gosh. 

There was so much that I wanted. Honestly. Some were things I wouldn't even have a place or use for but I didn't care. I wanted it all!!!

Here's a sampling: 

I'm not entirely certain why but recently I have fallen in love with these kitchen pantry/workstations
I want my baking counter to take inspiration from pieces like these when it's done.

I have zero need for a chandelier like this but I just love the blue glass!

Now this chandelier on the other hand I am seriously considering for our dining room. Opinions?

And this was a genuine contender too.
For a couple of years Jake has talked about getting me an antique coffee grinder.
But after walking by the TV while my mom was watching The Book Thief  a couple of weeks ago, and seeing that wall-mounted coffee grinders were a thing, I decided that that was the style I wanted.
Alas, they did not have one. 
We ended up purchasing this bad boy: 

Going to paint the whole thing black and then the letters white so it matches the water closet sign we bought last September

And then I stumbled across this: 

 It was like a smaller, more compact version of the spice drawers I saw in the other shop. 

And the price?

$15! It was only $15!!

I calmed myself. There was no way I was going to buy it. The drawers were way too tiny to be worth it. I couldn't fit tins of spices IN the drawers, and there was no way I was just going to dump the spices in loose, that was a mess I didn't want to deal with. 


I decided to just open one of the drawers to see how tiny it really was. What was the worst that could happen, right?


Oh wow. 

Are you ready for this?


Seriously the coolest thing.
Obviously I bought it. 

I plan on removing the labels and refinishing the wood. I'll add newer, prettier labels and keep this for baking spices. Basically things that you don't use too much of at one time so I will actually use it and not have to refill the bottles every single time. 

Ecstatic though I was, my shopping wasn't over and with the help of Jake, I soon found this: 

Big sturdy perfume bottle. 
A few years ago, my mother-in-law (this was before Jake and I were married actually) bought me this gorgeous perfume bottle for Christmas. 

Mine is the blue one. I bought the pink one for my niece as a gift for being my flower girl. 
I LOVE this perfume bottle. 

But it broke. 

Almost a year ago it stopped spraying. No clue why, it just wouldn't suck up the perfume. It wasn't the end of the world because I could still get perfume out by tipping the bottle over and letting it drip out of the little hole that's there. Over time that made a mess though. 

So I knew I needed another one and opted to go for the stopper style rather than one with the squeeze ball so that I'd never run into this issue again. 

And even after I took the perfume out, Jake spent about an hour trying to get the sprayer to work without any luck. (Don't worry though! I'm keeping the bottle for decoration!)

Side by side comparison.
For my new bottle, I picked that particular one because of its size. There was an absolutely gorgeous one that Jake found for me but it was too small. When I add more perfume, I have to break the bottle it comes in to get it out, so I can't store any extra. It all needs to fit in the new bottle at once. 

Hence the less than delicate size. 

I had a bit of an issue when I tried to sanitize it, but that's a story for another post. Maybe one that isn't quite as long as this one...

I'm not even sorry... antiquing is awesome!

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