Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sometimes it's just not meant to be

I have a bad habit. A really bad habit.

No, it's not smoking. Or texting while driving (I've FINALLY broken that one. Much to Jake's delight).

No, my bad habit is browsing. The "window shopping" of the internet world.

When I am bored, I like to shop. And since getting married and suddenly having real bills, I can't just go buy clothes and shoes. So for two years I could only really get my fix leading up to Christmas. That was the glorious time when I suddenly felt like the justification to spend money on something other than practical things existed.

Then Jake and I bought a house.

A lovely, old house.

That we were gutting, true, but only to bring back that beautiful old charm.

That's when the bad habit struck back with the vengeance of two years in exile.

There were so many things to think about! So many things to consider! What kind of flooring should we do?

Can't wait to finally get this stuff installed!
We ended up buying this before the house even closed....

What about a new headboard?

We also bought that before we closed on the house... and we only picked it up a couple of weeks ago because we felt bad that it had been sitting in a warehouse for 6 months...

And what would that headboard sit on? It couldn't be bare wood! That would just be too horrible!

I can't remember if we bought this one before the house closed... but it was early... And we recently have become more and more convinced that it doesn't belong in the bedroom after all. We have been leaning more toward the living room, so its beauty can be admired rather than hidden under a bed.

But getting back to the point...

Do you see my problem?

I like to plan things. But to plan things I like finding inspiration. And then since I've found that inspiration, I like to snatch it up right away, even though we are no where near ready to apply those ideas and inspiration pieces.

Now, I am glad we made those purchases already because that's quite a chunk of change that we don't have looming ahead of us (especially since we have some pretty big-ticket items coming up soon). But really... we have no place to store anything else. We already have a full bin at my parents' house, the flooring and rug at Jake's parents... some stuff stored in the basement at my parents, and then whatever else we've managed to squeeze into our room there. Our house is no good for storage right now either because it's all so dirty and we would constantly have to move things around. I know this for a fact because we currently have the kitchen cabinets, a counter top, a bathtub, and two lights holed up in the house...

So, I am fighting the good fight once more and desperately trying to go through the inspiration phases without succumbing to the actual buying aspect of it. If you follow me on instagram or facebook you'll have seen that Jake and I both failed slightly this past weekend when we went shopping for a newel post (a perfectly sensible thing to buy at this point) and came home with things that most definitely were not a newel post (I will do a separate post on what those things were... have no fear).

Ooo! Ahh!! Come to think of it... this would make for a pretty amazing looking newel post.
But then yesterday happened. And on my lunch break at work... I got bored. So I browsed.

I was looking on kijiji, which I thought was very sensible because a) chances were I wouldn't find anything and b) if I did find something at least that something would be at a bargain price.

I found something.

Hello my lovely
An amazingly beautiful desk. A desk that clearly says "Hello world! I belong to Alison! Can't you tell?!"

And what made this ad call to me louder than most?

LOOK AT THAT PRICE! $100.00 was beyond a steal! The damage looked super minimal too. Nothing I couldn't deal with.

Picture of some scratches.

Now, I was still cautious that we had no where to put it and that the office wouldn't be finished for quite a while so, naturally the next step was to send the link to Jake.

I know no one will believe me here, but I genuinely did not send it to Jake with the intention of actually buying it. I honestly just thought it was a beautiful desk and wanted him to see it.

When I got home and we talked about it, I was in total shock when Jake said to go for it.

I had 100% written this up as a loss the second I saw it. But as soon as the words left Jake's lips, I was emailing the seller saying I wanted it.

Just look at this beauty!
And then I waited.

And I waited.

Which really.... wasn't very long. I mean... I sent the email after work yesterday. But in my limited kijiji experience, sellers were rather quick to respond so a whole evening seemed ridiculous.

Then, because I wanted to check out the gloriousness of the desk again, I clicked on the link to the ad.

...it was gone.

No response from the seller, but the ad was down.

It had sold. And not to me.

I was crushed. Devastated. Utterly heartbroken.

For all of a minute. And then I sighed and thought "oh well. That was $100 we didn't need to spend right now and a piece of furniture we don't have the room to store..." Sensible Ali was back.

And even though I am ultimately okay with the loss, I just have to say that Sensible Ali sucks sometimes...

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