Sunday, 19 March 2017

The great perfume bottle fiasco of 2017

Sounds ominous doesn't it?

It totally was.

I mean, not REALLY, but I definitely felt stupid.

Let me bring you up to speed.

If you remember, when Jake and I last went antiquing we came home with some pretty cool things. Once of which was this totally awesome perfume bottle:

Gorgeous beast of a perfume bottle.
One day I'll get a delicate little one.
But today is not that day.
I had no clue what was in the bottle previously, so before I added my own perfume, I wanted to make sure that it was cleaned and sanitized.

First I just washed the bottle and lid in warm soapy water. Then I decided it would be a good idea to use boiling water to sanitize it. I even ran it under the tap with hot water so that the boiling water wouldn't crack the glass. Smart, right?

Except then I thought "Oh! Since I have to sanitize the stopper, why don't I just fill the whole thing with boiling water and then put the stopper in?!" 

So I did that. 

Here's a tip from me... don't do that. 

I left it alone for a few minutes while I got distracted by other things and when I came back to pour the water out, the lid was stuck. 

I mean like... stuck stuck. 

I mean, I stopped being gentle and tried yanking the stopper out with as much force as I thought the glass could take and nothing. It didn't budge at all. 

Then I thought that since I scienced my way into this mess (unintentionally) I could just science my way out of it!

So I tried cooling the bottle over night. 


Just as I was thinking I could try warming up the bottle while simultaneously cooling the stopper, I thought "better check the internet first..."

And here's the crazy tip that worked. Honestly, I would have never thought this worked if I hadn't seen the bajillion comments saying it did. 

Step One: 
- put the perfume bottle on a towel to protect the glass lid should it just pop off (some of the comments I read said this happened)
Step Two:
- take out a wooden spoon or something similar
Step Three:
- tap on the lid with the wooden spoon once on the RIGHT side
Step Four:
- tap on the lid once on the LEFT side
Step Five:
- tap on the neck of the bottle once on the FRONT side
Step Six:
- tap on the neck of the bottle once on the BACK side
Step Seven:
- repeat steps three to six until the lid comes off. 

That's it. I think it took me three rounds of steps three to six, then I tried taking the lid off and it just popped right off in my hand. Some people reported their lid shot off like a rocket, so I was pretty wary of that. 

After I finally got it removed.

Isn't it crazy how simple that was though? I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure I had just ruined my chances of actually using the perfume bottle for... you know... perfume. 

But nope! I was able to fill it up!

Side by side.
New-old and old-new.

And here it is filled up.
 So now I realize three things:
A) I am almost out of perfume
B) since switching to using my old perfume bottle THREE YEARS AGO, I have not had to buy perfume until now (and I'll still probably hold out until I'm completely out) and;
C) Because my perfume is three years old... it has changed colour. It used to be a really pale pink!

I've been using my new bottle for about two weeks now and while it is a little bit bulky... ultimately I love it. :)

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