Friday, 28 April 2017

Junk be gone! - A REALLY quick update

Remember this?

Snow crushed gazebo
My glorious protector from the sun met an early demise this winter.

When the gazebo fell over from the weight of the snow, Jake dismantled it immediately and stacked it in front of the barbecue until we could take it to the dump.

We never took it to the dump.

It's just sat there. Month after month.

Ignored because it was out of the way and out of our line of sight.

Cleaned up backyard
There it is! Leaning up against the other gazebo.

But here's the problem... When you start to clean up the things around the pile of junk...

garden before and after
Read about the garden update here

front garden before and after

The pile of junk suddenly gets noticed again. And it looks bad...

Junk on back deck
It also blocked the walkway to the door.
Not a huge deal, we just had to walk on the grass to get up to the deck and in the back door.
But still, a hassle. 
So we finally got rid of it!

When we were putting the garbage at the side of the road this week, a truck drove by that was partially loaded with scrap. Our town has quite a few of these guys and they are awesome. They drive around the night before garbage pickup and take pretty much any kind of scrap metal they can find. You rarely have to wait more than a day or two for your junk to be taken away.

Our junk was taken away in less than a day.

Junk gone
We're taking that plastic to the dump this weekend.
Good riddance!

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