Monday, 17 April 2017

Random updates! (Plus something tiny in the grand scheme of things but feels like a big step)

A little while back I posted this photo to my instagram account:

With the following caption:

Finished tearing up the living room floor yesterday and we discovered sections that were stained! I wonder if this is the original colour or if someone tried it but didn't like it? I can't figure out why there's only a few sections that are stained and the rest is sanded down. Once we clean up the floors I'll take a picture of it all to show you, but just with this picture as your guide, anyone have an idea? 

As we prepped to put the new subfloor down, things kept getting in the way and it took me ages to get that half of the floor cleaned up enough to take a photo of the stained sections. Yesterday I finally managed to do so.

It was dusty.
Sorry for poor quality photo.
As you can see, the stained sections were like a border around the room. Except only on this half. And on the right hand side you can see that it looks like they tried to remove the stain from the edge over there.

Close-up of the right side.
But whoever did it, butchered the wood. It looks like they tried shaving it off instead of sanding it down.

I honestly have no idea why the flooring is like this. Especially since the half closest to the kitchen is completely sanded down. If you have any ideas or insight please share it with me in the comments section below. I'm very interested in hearing theories on this one.

In my last post I talked about how we bought a rake that was on sale and did some yard work in the gorgeous spring sunshine. Well two things. First, we took advantage of Home Depot's sales and bought the wheelbarrow and shovels that were listed in the flyer as well.

Ended up purchasing all three of the items at the top.

Might as well get them while they're cheap right?!

Second, I talked about how there are two garden beds in the middle of the yard and that we were getting rid of one of them.

The garden that we are keeping used to have a flagpole in it.
That picture was taken on Sunday, April 9. And here is that same garden bed (the one we are keeping) taken just one week later on Sunday, April 16:

They just shot right up!
I was about to leave the house yesterday when I caught a glimpse of yellow through the fence. I went back to see what it was and was astonished at how beautiful the garden was.

I plan to cut back the rest of the grass in that bed and mulch it to make it look pretty. And perhaps put some kind of tree in the center for some much needed height. But first we need to get things done in the house. No more distractions.

Which leads me to my final topic of this post...

Something tiny in the grand scheme of things but feels like a big step



And by that I mean we've put electrical boxes in the master bedroom. The only boxes we need to add in there are the bedside stuff (outlet, switch, and sconce on each side). I need to measure our bed to get an accurate idea of where everything should be placed so much to Jake's dismay, we didn't quite get them all up.

But it's started!!

We still have so much left to do around the house but it feels incredible knowing that we are moving forward.

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