Thursday, 22 June 2017

Psycho Mode

"What is Psycho Mode?"

Well friend, let me tell you! Psycho Mode is a state in which one is frantically trying to get things ready by a very specific deadline and has neither the time nor the energy to post frequent updates. Especially since the work that is being done is really rather boring. 

It is also what I am using as my excuse for leaving everyone in the dark lately. 

Things are totally happening at the house... it's just that they're kind of happening in random order and with finite levels of completion. 

But for your viewing pleasure, I will take you on the journey that is the main floor bathroom (it will be a quick journey, don't bother even packing a carry-on)


Bathroom Before
Obviously the wall had drywall on it. And a door...

demolished bathroom
Bathroom is on the left. So this isn't the same angle.
My bad...

Where it is now:

wall in bathroom
Same perspective as "before" photo just taken with a wide angle lens.

Same perspective as above. Without wide-angle lens.
We moved the doorway to the left of where it was originally. This was to create more usable "wall space" for furniture.
Ideally I'd like to have  his and her desks set up in the office.

Inside bathroom looking to office.

bathroom tub
From kitchen doorway.
As you can see, the wall is up!! It's amazing how much of an impact it has on the space in there. From the beginning we knew this space was going to be used as the downstairs bathroom and the office. But once that wall came down the sense of how big or small it all will be disappeared. Now that we have the dividing wall up we can really visualize things a lot better in both the bathroom AND the office!

We're getting close!

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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