Monday, 30 October 2017

For the first time in forever...

First, I'm sorry for everyone who just started singing Frozen songs. But it had to be done. 

Because it's official. For the first time in forever, our house is warm!

Insulation is 100% complete.

Main floor bathroom before: 
Main floor bathroom before insulation
Main floor bath after:
Spray foam insulation in main floor bath.

I mean, COMPLETE complete. We do not have to put anymore up in the entire house! Two Fridays ago we had Reitzel Insulation come and spray-foam both bathrooms and install the loose-insulation in the attic. And then on Sunday, we finished up the office with the boring old batt insulation. 

Attic insulation. R-60! YEAH FOR EFFICIENCY!

Seeing the spray foam was incredibly cool. Especially in the master bathroom. That room is very much our "problem room" in terms of crazy temperature spikes. 

Master bathroom before:
Really horrible photo of the master bathroom before insulation that I made Jake take before the insulation guys showed up.
In his defense, his phone doesn't have wide-angle capabilities.
Master bathroom after:
Insulation in master bathroom! Yay!

I did have to spray foam behind a pipe in the office, so there was one 14" wide section left to do that I finished up last Wednesday and here I am, installing the LAST PIECE OF INSULATION IN THE WHOLE HOUSE!

Jake called me a giant loser for insisting he take this picture of me.
I don't even care, I was so excited that it was the LAST PIECE!

I am very excited by this.

It means things are really starting to move along now. 

Last Monday, our electrician came back to quickly hook up the furnace and then on Thursday night, Jake and I hooked up the thermostat to prep for the gas company coming by Friday morning to turn it back on.

We were SO prepared for the heat to be turned on that we bought our register covers and vacuumed out every register. And then Friday came around and we hit a pretty major speed bump...

I had Friday off of work, so I got to the house early to be there for when the gas company turned up (Good news! I finally filmed the upstairs tours while I was waiting! So look forward to those this week! I definitely learned some things about Instagram Stories the hard way on Friday as well...)

When the guy arrived, he promptly turned the gas on and then came inside to check that everything was okay.

If you couldn't already guess... everything was not okay.

Almost instantly we could smell the gas in the basement.

Not good.

As in, fainting or explosion kind of not good.


The worker from Union Gas was great though and I could tell he felt really bad. But still... back out he went to shut the gas off and crush my warm house dreams.

Oh and the cherry on top was when he gave me what is known as an "A" Infraction Tag. (Just a note: I have zero complaints about Union Gas here, the worker was super informative and incredibly helpful. I've never had a bad experience with them so far. Privately owned companies are definitely way better than publicly owned ones when it comes to customer satisfaction!)

Basically it means that the gas must be shut off because there is an immediate hazardous situation and it cannot be turned back on until a licensed gas technician resolves the issue.

Double Poo.

Not a great start to the day, but okay. Let's call a technician.

A quick google search led me to Hy-Pro Heating and Cooling. They were fantastic. The technician was at our house within an hour and walked us through every step so that we could understand the bigger picture better. He was also great at explaining what was 100% necessary to change and how we could save money by not doing some other things.

It turns out that old valves were the main culprit:

The technician ran something through the lines that bubbles around any leaks. Really cool to see.
Every single shut-off valve that we had in the house was leaking.

Triple Poo.

Some of them we opted to remove and just have capped (we didn't want a gas dryer and while we do want a gas stove, we knew that we weren't going to be buying one of those for a while so we had both of those capped), others we had to spend the money for the new valves (furnace and hot water tank).

Once all of that was completed and a cool $750 that we weren't anticipating spending later... the heat was FINALLY turned on.


Friday's drama was a really crappy situation. But it was made a lot better by great service and the fact that our goal of heating the house was reached that same day!

On Sunday we worked in the house and pumped the heat up to 70 degrees just to run the furnace through its paces and when it finally reached 70 shortly after Noon, we dropped it back down to 60 (the temperature we'll keep it at while working on the house) and I am incredibly pleased to say that when we left around 5:00PM, the house was still above 60 (therefore, the furnace didn't need to kick back on the whole afternoon).

And now that I've written a novel on just heating a house (Holy cow! I'm sorry!), I will leave you with my final thoughts:

1. It's totally amazing knowing that we can go to the house and work comfortably. 
2. I love my new register covers (I'll show you them later)
3. Seeing the thermostat on the wall is such a cool sensation (it's something that we will see when the house is done!)
4. We are definitely not used to background noise in the house. We just stood listening for a few minutes and then Jake said "'s so... loud!" It really isn't... we're just used to a completely silent house (aside from the squirrels that used to live in the attic!)

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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