Monday, 27 November 2017

We're all winners!

Ever since we bought the house (about a million years ago), Jake and I have been arguing over one particular topic.

The Garden

July 2016

We're both on the same page for what we want, we're just on very different pages on how to get it. 

From day one, Jake has been team "Rip it Out" while I am firmly on team "Save Money and Use What We Have".

Well folks, I am here to tell you that The Great Garden Debate has come to its happy conclusion and with ZERO losers!


Two main factors: Family. And Neighbours. 

A few months ago, my mom and cousin offered to re-do our front garden for us. After giving it a full year to see what was there that I liked, Jake and I told them to go ahead but keep the daffodil bulbs. 

These were one of the first things to bloom and I LOVE the unique colour of them!

Unfortunately, after the daffodils left, nothing else really happened as you can see in this picture from August.
Oh and here's a sneak peek of our new front porch light that we got on clearance for $30.

So one Saturday, the garden was torn up. And then just left like that. For weeks and weeks. 

My mom and cousin tearing up the front garden and lawn this past September.

During the dig-up, it was determined that we really ought to re-do the retaining wall. So the garden project was put on the back burner until Spring. 

What we were left with.
They're designing the new garden in such a way that we won't have any grass to mow on hills anymore.
Which is probably a good thing since the first time in my life I ever cut the grass was at this house.
And when I was pushing it up the little hill, I tripped and fell right on top of it.
Without letting go.
So it was still running.
When Jake found out, he bought a manual mower and said that I wasn't allowed to use the gas one anymore.
For obvious reasons. 

At this point, Jake was winning the argument. The garden was torn up, and to fill it back in, we'd have to buy a whole lot of plants. This put me heavily on the "loser's" side. 

But then, one fateful day, I was outside making the evergreen garland for our porch railing when I heard a neighbour yell from across the street: 

In progress.
100% Free Christmas decor!

In progress.

Finished garland.

Finished garland. 

"Hey! Alison!"


"Do you want some plants?!"


"Come here!"

Confused but very intrigued, I followed him to his backyard where I was met with the sight of dozens of plants just COVERING his yard. It turned out, they had bought out the remainder of a nursery for dirt-cheap when they really only needed the cedars.

Like us, these neighbours have done a ton of work to their century home, including brand new siding this year. They plan on lining almost the entire perimeter of their yard with cedars as a natural privacy screen. After buying out the nursery, they added a number of plants to their gardens too but soon realized that they had way more than they needed. 

So they offered a bunch to us!

When I say a bunch, I mean A BUNCH!

This was it. This was how Jake and I could BOTH be winners in The Great Garden Debate!

Jake already won since the garden was torn up. But now I could win by getting some free plants!

This was an amazing gift from our neighbours and the night Jake and I were moving our selections to our backyard for later planting we kept repeating

"Thank you!"

"Thank you SO much!"

"This is honestly amazing! Thank you!"

And our neighbour laughed and said "I don't know why you keep thanking us, you're just getting rid of our garbage!"

We left all of the tags on them so that we know what each one is in the spring. 

Well their trash turned into our amazing treasure! With the help of my mom and cousin again, we placed everything and got them in the ground. We got a lot of rain the next couple of days which will hopefully help get them all settled nicely before winter. 

I am particularly excited for the pear tree and the two-tier apple tree!

Pear tree!
The two trees are likely going to move location in the spring, we just needed them in the ground for winter. 

Apple tree!

Isn't the two-tier thing so cool!
I really hope the fruit trees do well!

It pays to have amazing neighbours! I can't wait to see it all in the spring!

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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