Monday, 11 December 2017

It's go time!

Just over 1 month ago Jake and I gave ourselves a deadline to have our drywall completed.

We do this from time to time.

The problem is that life usually knocks on the door and offers something way more enticing than renovations so we tactfully ignore the deadline like an acquaintance that just won't take the hint.

Things like... literally anything to do with Christmas!

"We don't want to be rude, but really... we just don't want to hang out okay?!"

So what made this deadline different from all of those other "soft" ones?

This time someone else was relying on us to finish because we booked our electrician back in.

I am SO excited to have electrical throughout the house. To walk into a room and with a flick of a switch have light! Do you have ANY idea how luxurious that is?

No. You don't. Because it is ingrained in us that instant light is common. I know this for a fact because even though I have never once flicked a switch in our house, I still instinctively try to do it when I walk in. More than once my hand has reached out, searching for the light switch only for me to remember that there isn't one.

Having lights excites me just as much as having heat did.

But what has all that got to do with our drywall deadline?

We booked the electrician. That means all of our drywall has to be up before he comes.

And he comes in two days. (Ahh!!)

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you'll have seen that this past week has been sheer insanity for Jake and I.

After working a full 8 hour day, we have been going to the house to hang drywall.

Monday: we stayed until 12:30AM

Finished the dining room.

Tuesday: we stayed until 1:00AM

Finished the office

Wednesday: we stayed until 8:30PM (I had a presentation at work the next day I wanted to work on)

Thursday: we stayed until 11:00PM

Finished the main floor bathroom.

I had Friday off, so I was there from 9:00AM-4:30PM (We had a family dinner that evening).

Saturday: we were there from about 11:00-2:30 (late start, not helped by the early finish. We had a family Christmas that evening).

My cousin, Spencer came out to help me with the master bedroom on Friday.
Jake and I finished up the last few pieces on Saturday.

Sunday, we were there from about 11:00-8:30PM (I wanted to stay later to actually finish the master bathroom and clean up, but alas, drinking a full bottle of iced tea turned out to be a really bad idea without a functioning bathroom nearby... who knew?!)

That is a grand total of 43.5 hours in the last 7 days. On top of our day jobs.

We are exhausted.

But we aren't done yet.

Tonight we will be working on the staircase/hallway/vestibule which is the LAST room in the house that needs to be drywalled (disclaimer: the master bathroom needs about 6 small pieces, and the living room bulkhead is not complete yet. The bathroom will get done tonight, but I'm not crazy rushed on the bulkhead because it's not necessary for drywall and the living room is currently our hub for tools and cabinets and all that jazz).

As draining as the past week has been and this upcoming week is sure to be, I can't help but feel exhilarated.

Christmas is another deadline we have set ourselves.

By Christmas, we will have moved in.

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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