Friday, 19 January 2018

2018 - A year for fun goals!

Again, this post is later than most "resolution" blog posts probably ought to be.

In fact, I had let it go so long that I had almost decided to just ignore the idea and press on!

But here's the thing... I need judgement. I need someone outside of my own head to say "hey! We expected this from you! Why are you not delivering?!"

Because I am REALLY good at convincing myself to just ignore my own goals for decidedly lazier options.

So these are my 2018 goals and while it might seem like a lot, I think (I hope.. I pray!) that they are achievable. I will not set any definitive dates on these either, just basic time guidelines. And that is mainly because Jake and I decided that as soon as we lived in our house we would slow down and take a breather.

It is so important to keep at it, but we have discovered that it is also incredibly important to keep our sanity. And to do so means that we need to give ourselves the breathing room to chill every now and then, or, you know... spend time together without talking about the house...


Main Floor Bathroom
We gave ourselves a deadline for this one and we're already behind but I am okay with that.
Our first finished room in the house will be the main floor bathroom and here is a list of all the things needed since moving in to make that happen.

- hang light fixture
- caulk around toilet
- caulk around tub
- install tub faucets
- install shower curtain
- buy garbage can
- paint toilet paper holder
- build vanity (which has a million steps on its own and I will share those with you at some point I promise)
- build vanity counter
- install sink & faucet
- decide if we want to alter mirror in any way and if we do, alter it
- hang mirror
- install door frame
- strip original door & hinges
- rip down original door to make square and level
- paint door
- install door hardware (including a set of doorknobs we bought while in Copenhagen last summer)
- frame up custom stained glass window
- paint frame
- install stained glass window
- paint trim
- install trim
- figure out a prettier solution for the fan vent

We've got a fair number of things checked off that list already, but there is also a fair number of things remaining... But this is our main project right now.

Make Kitchen Functional
This one is a bit strange because we plan on doing more work on the kitchen later in the year but we don't want to live with a completely dysfunctional kitchen in the meantime.

I am only going to include the things that we still need to accomplish on this list:
- receive faucets in the mail
- cut down counter top to fit location
- install necessary plumbing for sink and dishwasher
- install counter top
- install sink
- install sink drains
- install faucets
- install upper cabinet
- get the rest of our kitchen things from storage and find a place for everything

We hope to have this completed asap! I'm assuming everything on this list should be done some time in February.


Upstairs Hallway, Master Bedroom, & Guest Bedroom
I hope to start this in February and not actually wait until Spring, but we shall see...

We have a lot to accomplish up there to consider them "done" but our main goal here is to get the master bedroom done. However, we want our flooring to run continuously throughout each room upstairs so we need to work within that parameter.

Our basic list for this is as follows:
- sand hall & master bedroom walls & ceilings
- prime hall & master bedroom
- paint hall & master bedroom
- continue hardwood from my closet into the hallway, master bedroom, & guest bedroom
- install light fixtures in master bedroom
- install trim in master bedroom

Finish Drywall & Taping/Mudding
This is pretty easy. We just need to finish the bulkheads and the fireplace area in the living room. Then we can get the final two rooms (and the kitchen closet) taped and mudded.

Spring Yard Work
Your basic clean-up really. But we want to add a few things here as well:

- clean up yard from winter
- fix back fence and do a once-over to ensure there is no where Seamus can escape through
- begin laying out vegetable garden plan
- plant some veggies
- decide where fruit trees will go permanently and relocate them

Refresh Garden Shed
We really would love a bigger, newer, prettier shed. But that is not in the cards this year. So instead, we are just going to make the one we have work a little better for our needs.

This includes:
- cleaning it out
- removing the doors
- moving the whole structure
- leveling the ground
- laying paving stones
- moving the whole structure back
- adding new doors
- putting everything back inside, organized

It seems like a lot, but I think, aside from the doors, this is a project that could potentially be done in a weekend.


Refinish Front Door
My #1 summer goal is to get our front door completely functional and beautiful again. I love houses with curb-appeal and so I would really love to make our front door a welcoming entrance. This includes adding the doorknobs and doorbell that we got from the antique market!

Basic summer gardening. Keeping on top of things, learning as I go mainly.

Furniture Projects
I have a couple of refinishing furniture projects that I'd like to tackle this summer as well.


Finish Kitchen
We need to buy some extra cabinets, and I love cooking and baking all through the Fall and leading up to Christmas. We have started saving already and Jake and I agreed that Fall would be our kitchen's time to shine. I want all cabinets installed, trim up, lights in place, etc. The only thing in there that can still be left for a future project will be my "baking counter" which is something I am looking forward to building.

A pretty ambitious list right? Made even more ambitious by the fact that I would also really like all rooms to be livable by the end of the year. They don't have to be finished, but I'd like them to be used for their intended purpose and to feel comfortable walking in them without shoes or slippers.

Now, THAT is ambitious lol

Wish us luck!!

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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