Friday, 12 January 2018

Back it on up

Let's get you caught up on how we managed to get moved in by Christmas shall we!

On December 11, I told you about our drywall deadline and how we worked our butts off to get it done in time for the electrician.

What I didn't tell you is that through the generosity of my parents (who gave us a loan) we were able to hire out the taping and mudding after all!!!


This is huge.

From day one I have wanted to hire this out since it is such a finicky thing to accomplish. But then we made the executive decision that in order to cut costs, we'd need to do all drywall and taping/mudding ourselves.

It was a huge blow to me. Honestly.

And it turned into something of a sore spot when people said that we really should hire it out. I had a lot of responses that luckily were kept internally "Oh really?! You think that would be easier?! Wow! I had NOOOO idea!" (My inner voice is heavily laced with sarcasm... like... all the time)

Dining Room.
The bulkheads weren't done because we will be adding crown moulding there so it wasn't worth the extra time/effort (and therefore cost).

We had anticipated moving into the house, and then having to do all of the taping/mudding ourselves and just going room by room.

Guest bedroom.

So hiring it out meant that we would be SO much further along before moving in.

My closet.

The very last space to get done was the hallway.

AND THEN! As if loaning us the money wasn't enough, my mom and cousin also offered to help out during the day one week to get things primed and the kitchen painted!

Kitchen cabinet and flooring and the colour we went with.
Picking out paint colours was one of the most exciting moments for me. And it took us like, zero time to agree on colours. (In fact, the room that has taken the longest to agree on so far has been my closet. I'll go more into detail there in a later post, but right now I'm still not satisfied with it.)

I was working when I received this picture from my mom:

Kitchen colour going on the walls!
This was the very first bit of colour added to the walls in our house and I practically screamed.

Later that day she sent me this:

My cousin, Spencer, rolling on the colour!
Honestly, I was SO excited. Every night we got to the house it felt a little more like a real room. First, the taping/mudding. Then the prime, and finally, colour!

Kitchen walls painted! AH!
We still had so much to do, but it was becoming real.

Office primed.

Dining room primed. 
As of today, we still have two rooms left in the house that need to be taped/mudded. The master bathroom and the living room. Our intention is to get those done this spring.

The next post catching you up will show the electrical, flooring, and other painting that we've done so look for that one soon :)

Don't be afraid to leave comments here. I am genuinely interested in what you have to say! (Also, it feels like my blog becomes vindicated when people talk to me about it, which is a GREAT way to sooth my vanity 😁)

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