Monday, 8 January 2018

Better late than never - 2017 In Review!

So, yes. We have moved into our house.

But this post is going to ignore that for the most part and I will instead do my year-end review!


I know. I'm sorry. I have so much to share with you all, and I was ready to do this post before the year actually ended, the problem is that we don't have internet in our house. Nor are we intending to get it any time soon. Crazy, right?! I might regret these words later, but for now, I can honestly say that I am loving it. I am reading way more, we eat at the table together, projects are still moving along, oh and I even mopped the floors one day while waiting for Jake to pick me up because I had time. If we had TV or internet I can 100% guarantee that I would NOT have done that.

But back on topic.


What a year.

It was certainly... interesting.

Started off great. Hit some major snags. Especially financial ones. But I have to say that it sure did end amazingly.

I'm going to format this post the same way I did last year with my own little awards that I, of course, am permanently the winner of.

Get comfortable. We're officially reminiscing!

Most Read Post of 2017:
February 23: Syrup Season 2017 - Tapping the Trees!

This one doesn't really surprise me because I had a lot of people share this post across social media.

Aka the Kallonen Maple Farm Facebook page shared it, and then most of my family members shared it around as well. And then because a number of my family was tagged in it as well, it got more exposure than most of my regular posts.

I still think the above photo is my favourite ever of Jake, so thanks to my aunt for taking it!

Syrup season will be upon us again next month, we always tap the trees on Family Day (a STAT holiday in Ontario held the third Monday in February), which is fitting I think. Here's hoping we have beautiful weather again!

Best Buy of 2017:
August 28: Where do I even begin?!

I had to consult with Jake for this one and after thinking about it, we both agreed that the best buy of 2017 would have to be the trades that we hired out.

We didn't want to. Honestly. From a financial perspective alone we were desperate to do everything ourselves.

But we finally admitted.. not quite defeat.. but rather we just came to the realization that for the sake of timing, it would be worth it to sacrifice the cost.

So this year, our best buy is not glamourous, but it is definitely the reason we were able to finally move in, so it takes top marks!

Most Improved 2017:
April 27: Bit by tiny bit - GARDEN UPDATE!

Okay, sure.. the house really should be the star here. But for me, a mini victory was getting the gardens looking better.

Our gardens were so neglected (by us... just to be clear) that they were embarrassing... And even though it will be changing yet again we made such a solid effort to improve them this year that for me, this wins most improved.

Personal Favourite:
May 13: Happy Blogiversary to me! - A guide on not killing one's spouse during renovations.

This was an interesting one to write for me. When I actually sat down and thought through it, I realized something kind of amazing. 

Jake and I fought when we painted our little apartment before we got married.

We fought when we put together Ikea furniture. In fact, we had to go to separate rooms to put our own pieces together because we couldn't do it together. That was how stressful it was. 

But when I thought about our renovation journey I was surprised to realize that we had barely even argued. Of course things came up, but ultimately, we have been an amazing team through this. More than anything, I am grateful for how close this house has brought us. It's been a completely crazy journey of us building something together and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

And that's it for the 2017 Hand-Picked Home Awards! I've got so much more to share with you in the upcoming weeks, I cannot wait to get you all in the loop.

Here's to 2018!

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