Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The day I had been waiting for

Electrical day!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 was such a magical day for me!

We worked like crazy to get things ready for electrical to be done by then. Unfortunately we did not have every single light fixture sorted out.

I know, I know... what's the point?! Some fixtures, we owned, but were mid-project on them and then for various timing or weather related reasons we haven't completed yet. Others, we simply haven't bought.

We don't really want to rush it. Sometimes light fixtures cost a pretty penny and we didn't want to rush into something that we weren't 100% in agreement on. So we decided that wherever there wasn't a real fixture, we'd just get a bulb installed. To give us light at least.

And that was terribly exciting, however the thing I was MOST excited to see what this:

Front porch light.
We got this beauty on clearance for $35.
I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't COMPLETELY what I originally wanted, but the price tag sold me. 

In our home's 128 year history, we don't believe it ever had a front porch light.

At the very least, it hasn't had one since the cement siding went up in the 70's (thanks to the Riddell family for letting me know when that happened!). There MIGHT have been some evidence to suggest a gas light was outside above the original balcony door, but Jake isn't convinced that's what the pipe was for (even though he can't think of another reason for it to be there).

So this was huge.

In my opinion, curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of a home. It is the face of your house. What literally any passerby will see.

Driving to the house after work and seeing the front porch brightly lit up gave me the warm fuzzies.(yes. I am a loser. Let's move on...)

Then it was a mad dash throughout the house to look at all of our pretty fixtures in place.

Let me tell you something quick before I go on a photo sharing spree; if having a warm house was incredible... having a brightly lit house was phenomenal!

Oh, and I would also like to comment that these pictures make the rooms seem dark. I promise you, that's just because I was trying to focus the lens (of my phone's camera) on the lights themselves.

Window mini pendants. 

We got these on sale from Rona.
I had been looking everywhere for something like this.
Clear glass shade (so you could look through them)
Industrial style (looks good with Edison bulbs)
Actual rod, not just dangling wire (so it would hang straight)
I had finally settled on a mini pendant that I'd found on Wayfair, but it was over $100/pendant.
If I remember correctly, these were on sale for somewhere between $40 and $50/each.
Quite the steal!

Guest Bedroom:
I LOVE the shadow patterns this light fixture throws onto the walls!

This is one of the antique gems that our friend's parents gave to us.

I am hand-painting the other one and it will go in the front vestibule.
This one we weren't sure what we wanted to do with it but we knew it would be perfect in the guest bedroom.
So we decided to get it installed, and then once we figure out the design of the guest bedroom, that would determine any changes to the actual light fixture. 

My Closet:
Another light fixture that was given to us by our friend's parents. This one is not an antique, but I knew it was the perfect size chandelier for my closet!

Again, this one will have some kind of design treatment done to it, but I wasn't 100% yet on what I wanted.
So it went up as-is, and I will paint it when I've figured it out lol

Main Floor Bath: 
Wall sconce wasn't installed yet, but the one and only pot light in the whole house was installed above the tub!

SO exciting! The basement was always incredibly dark.
It was always a flashlight or work light zone for sure!
Also, I promise it will not always be that messy. We just needed to get things off the floors upstairs while we were working. 

The furnace room in particular was always pitch black because there was no natural light source.
The lights we added down here are motion sensors too, so if you forget to turn them off it's not a big deal, they'll just pop off on their own and save your electricity!
This also means that when we do laundry, the furnace room will go dark and save us, despite the whole basement being lit with one switch at the top of the stairs :) 

So as you can see, I've left out a number of rooms. They currently just have dangling light bulbs... giving us the chance to shop around, find what we want, wait for deals, whatever!

It is SO amazing flicking a switch and being able to see in a room. It is also amazing being able to plug in things wherever we want without the need for extension chords everywhere!!

The next post catching you up will take you through the final steps necessary for us to actually start living at the house!!

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