Monday, 12 March 2018

Into the home-stretch

What makes a house livable?

Heat - Check!
Electrical - Check!
Kitchen (a place to store and cook food) - Check!
Bathroom (A working toilet and tub) - Check!
Bedroom (a place to sleep) - 

Our final stop in the "How in the heck did you guys manage to move in before Christmas" journey is getting a bedroom ready!

This was definitely an exciting part of renovations for me because it involved FINALLY laying down some of the hardwood that we bought way back in June of 2016. (Keeners...)

For this post, you'll get a bit of a two-for-one deal because we worked on the two smaller bedrooms simultaneously.

When you last saw the two smaller bedrooms (the guest room and my closet) they had been primed, and electrical installed:

My closet
Guest bedroom

It was officially time to choose wall colours!

Jake picked the colour for the guest bedroom and he did so in like 30 seconds, with my approval adding another 5 seconds to the overall time.

We chose Fine Silver (by Dulux of course) because it was dark enough to obviously be more than white, and neutral enough to leave space for the room to design itself later.

The first coat went up and already I was in love with the colour.

First coat of Fine Silver on the walls in the guest bedroom

And once the final coats were applied I was in awe. The colour was perfect.

Not bad for a 35 second decision eh?

This is pretty much where the guest bedroom is at right now. We are treating it like our closet for the time-being, but it's a pretty depressing closet.

Imagine, if you will, clear plastic bins filled with folded clothes all along the walls! And enough laundry baskets lined up at the front for dirty clothes to be sorted immediately!

Super attractive, right?

Moving on to my closet....

If the guest bedroom took 35 seconds, the colour choice for my closet took fifty million years.

Okay, it probably took like 5 minutes... but it felt like forever because I was so indecisive.

My gut told me to go bold. An emerald green, or a deep, velvety blue. Or even an eggplant purple! All paired with gold! Gold trim! Gold Chandelier! Gold Ceiling! Gold register cover!!!

But literally everyone I shared this information with crapped all over it. Like, an elephant amount of crap....

So I did something I almost never do... I listened to their advice and went against my gut instinct.

I chose Potter's Purple.

I don't hate it.

But I definitely don't love it.

Everyone who hated my original plans kept telling me that I wouldn't want a dark closet because it would distort the colours of my clothes while I selected them. Of course I explained that I know which of my clothes are which colour, it's not like men's dress pants where they all look the same but in subtly different hues... But their arguments kept creeping into my brain. Dark! Dark!! DARK!

So I started looking at light colours. The problem here is that I don't actually like very many light colours... I couldn't use my go-to of blue because I have other plans for blue and didn't want the house to be stuck in one colour.

So I thought, purple! It makes me happy, it compliments my skin tone (which is important) and a woman's closet is the perfect opportunity to use a girly colour without depressing her husband!


The first coat went up and even as I was cutting in the corners I was starting to hate it.

Oh no...

I didn't have time for second-thoughts though, so the second coat went up:

Well... that's a lot better.

I still wasn't completely happy with it though. And Jake, being Jake, could tell.

He kept finding me standing in the room, frowning at the walls.

Finally he helped me come up with a game plan for the room that would make me love it, without changing the wall colour.

The problem was that I was so focused on having a Victorian-inspired room, when all I needed to do was shift where my inspiration came from.

Huh... okay.. design inspiration that I love... opulent... almost garish....


That was it.

The room would become a Marie-Antoinette-inspired room.

Lavender walls. With white and gold vomiting tastefully all over the room (can something vomit tastefully? I've decided that it can).

THIS made be happy. I still have moments where I wish I had ignored everyone entirely and just gone with my gut, but I am also very intrigued by what I can do to make the purple work. I have big plans for it now, and having that plan has at the very least made me content.

I would just like to point out that usually this kind of dilemma would interrupt a person's renovations by a few days, or even weeks.

We didn't have that kind of time... this dilemma instead just coincided with finishing the room enough so we could move in.

Aka, it was officially flooring time!

You have no idea how excited I was to start laying this flooring. For a year and a half it was sitting in boxes in Jake's parents' basement. Seeing it out, and on the floor made me a VERY happy camper.

Look at how pretty the gold looks against the wood!!
Of course there should have been more steps to this room, like adding door hardware, painting the door, adding trim, painting the chandelier, or restoring the window...

But if you couldn't tell, Jake and I were desperate to move into our house after owning it for so long.

So we're roughing it.

As much as a tufted headboard bed can be qualified as "roughing it" that is!

So, What makes a house livable?

Heat - Check!
Electrical - Check!
Kitchen (a place to store and cook food) - Check!
Bathroom (A working toilet and tub) - Check!
Bedroom (a place to sleep) - Check!

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