Thursday, 22 March 2018

"One season down, how is that list coming?"

Happy third day of spring!

I should probably open this by saying that I am fully on winter's side when it comes to which season outranks them all.

But the truth is, I love living in an area that gets a healthy dose of all 4 seasons (if I could get rid of the humidity and mosquitoes, I would enjoy summer a heck of a lot more than I do... thanks to those two things, summer usually makes me fat and depressed).

So yes, I love winter. But even I am excited for the warmth and colour of spring-time. Especially because with it comes an intense bout of productivity for me (I get hit hard with the spring cleaning stick).

After demanding a kiss from Jake Tuesday morning in celebration, he laughed and said "One season down, how is that list coming?"

And I thought, he's right! How IS that list coming?

So I pulled up my post of our 2018 goals and we went through it to see where we stood.

Newsflash: Not great.

But also, not horrible.

Circumstances and finances and blah blah blah... all legitimate, albeit boring, excuses.

Let's just go through it.

Our winter goals included finishing the main floor bathroom and getting the kitchen functional.

Where do we stand?

Note: You will be seeing sneak peeks of projects that have been visible on Instagram, but not the blog yet. So... spoiler alert... or something like that.

We are close...ish.

Building the vanity.

We hit a bunch of road blocks in the bathroom that halted progress pretty substantially. I think the #1 reason it has gone so slow though is because we use this bathroom. It's the only toilet and tub in the house right now so this room is used every single day.

We're using the original hard-wood floors to create the counter top. 

This means part of our morning and evening routines take place in here. So toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, skin care, makeup, hair care, towels, everything that we need to use on a daily basis is in there.

Testing out what we want to do.

So every time we work on renovations, we have to clear away all that... well... stuff. 
It's not a HUGE ask... but it's an ask. And it's an annoying enough one that if we're looking for an excuse not to work on the bathroom, it's readily available.

Putting together the bottom shelf.

Yes, we had to re-build the counter top after disliking our first attempt. Yes, we had unexpected expenses pop up and therefore have to put our trim purchases on the back burner. Yes, our drain doesn't fit in our sink and we need to source a new one. Yes, our door is not square and needs to be planed down to fit the doorway. Yes, we discovered the door handles we purchased in Copenhagen don't fit any of our hardware and we need to source some that fit.
But really, every break we take from working on the bathroom is due heavily in part to simply not wanting to clear things away first.

Adding the glossy clear coat!

Here is the list I gave you in my previous post, updated to where we stand right now:

- hang light fixture - Check, but has to be re-done because our electrician accidentally dropped it and broke a piece. I'm not upset. I found a replacement and am in the process of making it prettier.
- caulk around toilet - Check, but also has to be re-done because Jake cut the hole too big and it kind of got everywhere.
- caulk around tub - Check!
- install tub faucets - Check!
- install shower curtain - Check!
- buy garbage can - Check!
- paint toilet paper holder - need warm weather for this one because I will be spray painting it (forgot to do it when I was spray painting on Sunday)
- build vanity - probably like 75% completed
- build vanity counter - also probably like 75% completed
- install sink & faucet
- decide if we want to alter mirror in any way and if we do, alter it - Check! (We don't, so we didn't)
- hang mirror - Check!
- install door frame - Check!
- strip original door and hinges - Check!
- rip down original door to make square and level
- paint door
- install door hardware
- frame up custom stained glass window
- paint frame
- install stained glass window
- paint trim
- install trim
- figure out a prettier solution for the fan vent

Bottom shelf installed, counter top put together.

8/23 doesn't look great... but I still think we're doing okay. We're learning as we go in this room so we keep having to back-track. But as long as we can look at this as a true learning experience, the lost time will be worth it.

Counter top stained!

We are insanely close with this one.

Sink drains. This was an angry expense for me...

As in, we might be finished by the end of the weekend.

Working on getting the old counter installed.

This sink makes me so happy, it's ridiculous. 

Calm down Ali... List... Let's look at the list.

- receive faucets in the mail - Check!
- cut down counter top to fit location - Check!
- install necessary plumbing for sink and dishwasher
- install counter top - Check!
- install sink - Partial Check! (the hole is cut, but the sink is not plumbed in or actually installed)
- install sink drains
- install faucets - Partial Check! (same as the sink. The holes are cut, but they are not plumbed in or actually installed)
- install upper cabinet - N/A (We decided not to do this until we buy the rest of our cabinets)
- get the rest of our kitchen things from storage and find a place for everything - Ongoing Check! (I don't think we'll end up bringing EVERYTHING over until the kitchen is done. But that is mainly because some of it is trapped behind a million other boxes and pieces of furniture. We keep bringing things over as needed. The main thing I miss right now is my coffee maker... I can't find it in there so it must be in the back corner. I've got a french press and a Nespresso machine though so I haven't been looking too desperately)

Seriously... LOVE this sink..

5/9 right now, but it's a solid 7/9 if you include the partials.

Our goal for the weekend is to sort out the plumbing. It could get done by the end of the weekend, or we could hit a million more road blocks that halt progress. We'll see!!

We're using real dishes again!

So no... we do not have our winter goals done. But we have made up time in other ways:

We already have the master bedroom primed and painted (just need final coat of paint on the walls).
This is ONE coat of paint.
Dulux for the win.

The hallway has been sanded and will be primed this week, probably painted next week.

We have selected our paint colour for the dining room so that can get done almost any time.

We started on yard work.

I even started working on the stairs, which wasn't even on my 2018 list!

Stripping the stairs is a very slow process so far.

So no... we do not have our winter goals done, but I am not upset by that fact. We're still moving in the right direction and that makes me happy.

I will be going into more detail on all of the photos that have been shared in today's post, giving you proper updates on not only what we've been doing, but how we've been doing it. Look for those posts to crawl in in the semi-near future (I've learned to not be specific, that way I can't actually disappoint anyone!)

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