Thursday, 2 August 2018

Staircase & Hallway - Part I

As you know, when Jake and I moved into our house we moved in to the room that will one day be my closet.

This was because the master bedroom was not finished. And we really didn't want to permanently move in without the trim being installed because we are lazy. Which basically means that we knew if we moved the furniture in, we'd never... ever.... ever ever... install the trim.

Hey! I thought this post was called Staircase & Hallway! Why are you talking about your bedroom?!

What an astute observer you are!

Want to know why we aren't in the bedroom yet?

OBVIOUSLY it's all those lame excuses I give every day (life, work, laziness) but also it is because the hallway is in the way!

We installed the flooring in my closet because I wanted where we slept to be a "Clean Zone".

We also knew that aside from the bonus room / master bathroom, the flooring would be consistent throughout the whole second floor.

Which meant that before we could install the flooring in the master bedroom, we'd have to install it in the hallway.

No big deal, right?

Except the flooring in the hallway couldn't be installed until we figured out how we were going to install the banister.

And that is where we sat. For months. And months.

We've been chipping away at getting the master bedroom ready, and getting the hall ready. But FINALLY, we decided to pull up our proverbial bootstraps and get the banister done!

This was just last weekend. And sure, I have a bunch of other little projects that I could share with you. But this is the one I'm excited about. And it's the one we are making pretty good progress on. And it is the one that will have a glorious chain reaction of things being checked off our massive to-do list.

So this is what you're getting.

The next series of posts will take you through all of the various steps we've taken so far and I will carry it as we continue to work.

Today, you get the background.

Below, you'll see a ton of images of the "before". I'm going to show (as best I can) what this space looked like when we first bought the house and then a similar image that shows where it was when we started working on the banister.

Enjoy! (Looking back at he images from when we bought the house is making me happy. I have to do that from time to time to remember just how far we've come)

Front door when we bought the house.

Front door when we bought the house. 

Front door after our porch light was installed!
Note the snow on the ground lol

Inside of front door when we bought the house.

When we bought the house. 

Vestibule looking toward dining room after drywall was installed.

Not quite when we bought the house, but shortly after (carpet was already torn up at this point) 
A couple of months ago.

When we bought the house. 

A couple of weeks ago. 

Front vestibule when we first bought the house. 

A few months ago. 

Hallway when we first bought the house. 

Hallway when we first bought the house. 

Hallway a few weeks ago.
Note our temporary railing, and the exceptionally safe step-ladder we were using as a barrier.

Top of the stairs when we first bought the house.
Guest bedroom is on the right. Master Bath / Bonus room on the left. 

Top of the stairs a few weeks ago. 
I am so excited with how this project has picked up steam. Also, I have discovered the wonders of gel stain and I think it is my new favourite thing!


Underside of the original handrail is on the left.
The flooring we are installing is on the right. 

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