Tuesday, 8 January 2019

A dream come true... and I still don't even know if it actually works!

For a few years now, I have been obsessed with Heartland ranges.

Have you ever heard of Heartland?

They. Are. Gorgeous.

They are also disturbingly expensive.

And I happen to be exceptionally cheap (a by-product of hanging out with Jake so much). I am still attracted to the most expensive thing in the store. I just have the sensibility to walk away from it now. Or, more often than not, just not go in the store to begin with.

I have become a fan of updating free things or buying things on the super cheap off of Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.

But back on topic...

For the past year, Jake and I have been borrowing my mom's extra fridge and stove. Yes. She has extras. (Where do you think I get it from?!)

We knew that it wasn't forever, just until we could afford our own. And really, properly figure out what we wanted to do in the kitchen.

So we used them with the intention of keeping our eyes open for alternative options. In the meantime, we spray painted the handles of the fridge to make it match the kitchen a little better (they had yellowed with age anyway).

 Then one day, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace. Just doing my typical thing (shopping for things we weren't ready to buy) and there it was.

It was glorious.

It was magical.

It was WAY too good to be true.

Do you see what that says?!

It says fridge and gas stove.


FOR $900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And do you know what we ended up paying for it?!


That's right! For my dream stove AND the matching fridge, we only had to pay $700. 

My parents and brother-in-law came along to help us pick them up.
We have the fridge installed and are currently using it. I need to contact Heartland to order a few things to get it back into perfect working order but it's nothing critical. We lost one of the mounting plates for the upper cover plate, and the button for the light inside is broken, so if the light is screwed tight, it won't turn off. Which means it heats up the fridge. So we just left it slightly unscrewed and deal without a light. 

Look at how beautiful!!!

The fridge is actually huge in terms of storage. And it's a top-mounted freezer which is exactly what I wanted! I hate drawer freezers... I never use the stuff on the bottom which is ridiculous. 

Both units are HEAVY. Which to me just means incredibly durable!
The range is not hooked up yet because it wouldn't fit in the original location we had in mind for our range, it was too wide. 

Instead, we have decided to redesign the kitchen a bit and make the range a feature. However we have to run electrical and gas to the new location and we just haven't done it yet. 

The range is a gas cooktop with an electric oven. Which is again, exactly what I wanted. 

It was terrifying to me watching this lol
I honestly could not believe our luck with this find. 

Our kitchen isn't even remotely close to being finished and already it has way more charm than it used to!

The only issue right now is that the stove is a bit of a dumping ground for stuff because it's not hooked up.

Oh well... It is a gorgeous dumping ground!!!

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