Saturday, 5 January 2019

Now that the year is over, how did we do?

Spoiler alert!

I will probably end up giving certain things away in this post about projects that have gone on this year but about which I have not yet written. 

So... you know... you have been warned!!

Last January, Jake and I created a list of things we wanted to accomplish throughout the year. Big things, little things, all kinds of things

In writing up my year in review, I rediscovered that list as well as an update on it. Immediately I loved the transparency of the update. The truth is that sometimes goals don't get met. And that is okay!

I knew that I wanted to do a full update of that original list to share with you the things we actually managed to accomplish in the year 2018. I also knew that it would be good for me to go through that list and see what I straight up forgot about too.

Recap of 2018 List

- Finish the main floor bathroom
- Make kitchen functional

- Get flooring down in hallway, master bedroom, and guest room
- Finish master bedroom
- Finish drywalling & taping/mudding
- Spring yard work
- Refresh garden shed

- Restore front door
- Maintain garden
- Furniture projects

- Finish Kitchen

Whoooeee! That is quite the list!!

So how did we do?!

- Finish the main floor bathroom
✓ - Make kitchen functional

A perfectly functional (and actually clean!) kitchen.

✓ - Get flooring down in hallway, master bedroom, and guest room
Flooring in both the hall (left) and master bedroom (right)

✘ - Finish master bedroom
✘ - Finish drywalling & taping/mudding
✓ - Spring yard work

Cleaned up one of the gardens in the backyard (and then proceeded to let the weeds take control again...)
✘ - Refresh garden shed

✓ - Restore front door
This sight still makes me happy.
/✘ - Maintain garden
✘ - Furniture projects

✘ - Finish Kitchen

There is a whole lot of red X's in that list... *sigh*

Aside from life and finances getting in the way of renovations, our biggest problem has probably been what keeps us happy. 

Remember how I said being content with your lot in life is a good thing?

Well it totally is. But if you want your whole house renovation to actually keep moving, then it becomes dangerous. Contentment can very quickly turn into complacency. Which basically means you are totally cool with using an old bed sheet as a bathroom door for 10 months of your life. 

True story. 

Let's look at that list one more time, but go into a bit of detail on our glorious failures. 

Finish the main floor bathroom
We got it super functional. So all that was left was figuring out the door and then the pretty things like trim. 

We wanted to use an original door, which had to be stripped first, and then we discovered it was seriously out of square. And then it sat. And sat. And sat. Until one glorious day in October Jake took it upon himself to get it fixed up. 

So now we have a door. But still no door knob because we need to figure out how to make the ones we bought in Copenhagen work with our door hardware (or find new hardware).

HOWEVER! We have gone on a killer productivity spree these last few weeks and aside from the stained glass window project (which doesn't count) and the whole door hardware thing... okay and the door isn't painted yet either... BUT ASIDE FROM ALL OF THOSE THINGS!!!

The bathroom will be "done" hopefully this week. 

That's right. Trim up and even art on the walls!

What a time to be alive!

Finish master bedroom
I started this early, and got a heck of a lot done. But then it came time for flooring and trim and this one got pushed to the Summer/Fall because of life and finances (trim is pricey!). 

We had big dreams of moving into our master bedroom by our anniversary in September. But then we learned just how much it SUCKS trying to cope cove moulding. 

Seriously... don't do it. It's the worst. 

So we screwed up on a few pieces and ran out of it. And then we realized that we under ordered the casings so the windows couldn't get done. 

And then life and finances got in the way again and instead of getting everything ELSE done in that room we just let it sit. 

The trim (obviously not pictured) makes me love the blue walls more than I thought possible!
HOWEVER! That same burst of energy (and finances) has kicked our butts into high gear and we are currently on track to move into our master bedroom NEXT WEEKEND!! 

This excites me beyond belief. 

Finish drywalling & taping/mudding
We haven't done any of this. We haven't even finished the drywall in the living room yet. And my excuse is a two-parter: 
1 - we loaned all of our drywall tools/equipment to my brother
2 - we were so burned out from our desperate push last December to get into the house that neither of us wanted to even THINK about finishing the drywall. 

Pretty lame excuses when you think about it. 

But then in October (October seems to have been a good month for us...) I got into this crazy urge to reclaim some space in the house and decided to put the flooring down in the bonus room so we could bring our TV out of storage and have a place to hang out. 

I received a sewing machine for Christmas so aside from cleaning up the room and re-positioning everything so there was room for a table for sewing, that's pretty much where the bonus room stands. 

The layout of this room has changed now but it is still our #1 hangout zone.
HOWEVER! (I'm sensing a trend here...) We have scheduled our guy in early February to come finish up the taping and mudding in both the living room and bonus room. HUZZAH! That will be quite exciting too because it will mean that every single room in the house has completed that step. 

Refresh garden shed
This was once again a circumstance of life/finances. Life hit us pretty hard in the Spring for reasons that I might share later but for now would just rather not go into. 

Then it was suddenly Fall and I didn't care about the shed being refreshed at all lol

We want to clean it out and lay some patio stones inside so it won't be quite so damp but that will probably be the extent of what we do with it this year. 

Maintain garden
We did and we didn't. This one came in spurts and certain sections of the garden fell completely to weeds. 

Our main focus was on our vegetable garden this year which was a fun project and a great learning curve. 

My main goal this summer is to stay on top of the gardens and to improve upon last year.

Furniture projects
Ummm I don't think we did a single one...

Oh wait! No! We painted a bookshelf so we could have a night-side table! We bought this bookshelf at a garage sale years ago and it was in pretty rough shape so Jake sanded it down. And then it stayed like that. And I actually DID use it as a night-side table in that state in our apartment. But we decided to paint it in a semi-gloss white and I think it is a vast improvement (my books don't get dusty anymore! yay!)

I guess I also did a pretty decent one for Jake's Christmas present. But that might need to be its own post. (Must make a mental note to do a post about Jake's Christmas present now!)

This thing is jam-packed full of lists for us to accomplish every day right now lol
Oh and I created a weekly calendar out of an old window I bought off of kijiji... (another mental note...)

Finish Kitchen
Same old story... life... finances...

We got the sink hooked up (not the dishwasher unfortunately 🙁) and then the kitchen was pretty much livable. And because most of what we want to do in there requires money to get it started, we just didn't bother. 

HOWEVER! (another one!) While we don't have plans in place to have the kitchen finished in the near future, we DO have plans to get the rest of our cabinets and make, yes... MAKE, our countertops!!

This giant delay and working in a kitchen that has laminate flooring remnants as counters should have driven me insane. But I'm actually grateful for the time because it has made me (us) realize what we actually want in a kitchen. 

I am now making another mental note for another post... aren't you lucky!

Did you guys do ANYTHING in 2018?!
Sure we did!
We found some awesome wingback chairs on the side of the road for free (correction: my mom found them and called us and being both cheap and opportunistic we jumped and the chance). 

We cleaned up the dining room and are currently using it for its intended purpose! (Which is SUPER awesome).

We took two mini vacations (just long weekends and on the cheap but still super fun!). 

We found an AMAZING fridge and stove for our kitchen that I CANNOT WAIT to tell you about!

Jake got to go fishing again. 

I got to knit and read again. 

We bought a year's supply of meat from local farms and have a solid 3 freezers full of deliciousness (which has also got us back into meal prepping). 

I took my first real stab at canning using things from our garden (and we are now the proud owners of enough spaghetti sauce to last us all year!)

made two Christmas presents this year. 

We put a real Christmas tree up for the first time since owning the house (AHHH!). 

SO exciting!
We hung out with family. 

We hung out with friends. 

We hung out with each other (bonus: and survived it!)

We did not accomplish everything on our goals list. But what we did accomplish makes us happy. 
And let me leave you with this sage advice: 

If you ever DIY reno an entire house by yourselves... Facebook memories will be your new best friend. I don't know how many times this year I was talked off a ledge by Facebook memories reminding me just how far we've actually come :) 

Here's to 2019!

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