Tuesday, 23 July 2019

A new record for lack of updates (Staircase & Hallway - Part III)

I have fallen off the face of the planet.

Or so it would seem if you only hear about house updates through the blog.

Even on social media I've gone... well... if not dark, than dim.

Therefore I have a lot to catch you up on. Not as much as I'd like truth be told, but still a whole heck of a lot.

First off, our family has grown. As in, there is a-whole-nother human being in our family.

Yeah... it has practically been long enough between posts for me to grow baby.

I had PLANNED on doing some kind of "I'M PREGNANT" post. But then I was desperately trying to get a room made up for the baby that my blogging took a rather distant back seat.

Please meet our daughter, Olivia Rose.

Olivia Rose, about 10 hours old.

As of writing this post she is just over 2 months old. And I am starting to get into a bit of a groove with things which means I might have some time here and there to write. I cannot believe how big she already is... I mean, she just rolled over! Like, literally 10 minutes ago.

*insert heart-wrenching sobs here*

But in the meantime, let's go back and get you caught up.

We'll start with the hallway.

This room is still not finished, but it's further than when I last showed you (and has led to other projects moving along. We'll get there, I swear).

Remember how I said that we had finally decided to get the banister done?!

SO exciting!!

Yeah... it's not done.

BUT bits of it are. All of the thinking is done.

The main reason we started to work on the hallway was because we needed the flooring to continue from the front bedroom, through the hallway, and into the master bedroom.

In order to be ready to put the flooring down in the hallway we had to give some serious thought into how we reinstalled the banister.

As you can see in the image above, the original spindles went right into the flooring. We tore up said flooring and planned to install new flooring. Which meant we could not install the spindles in the same way.

So we decided to raise the whole banister up and install a separate base for the spindles to disappear into. This way, we would be enhancing the safety of the banister just a teeny bit (old handrails are notoriously low) while also giving us a place to but our new flooring up against.

This was the major stall to us getting the master bedroom done. Because we couldn't move into the master bedroom without the flooring down. And we couldn't lay the flooring down until we installed it in the hallway. And we couldn't install it in the hallway until we figured out the banister base.

So we did nothing.

For ages.

And ages.

And then we got a solid chunk of house reno energy and used it to the fullest!

Enter the base:

Basically what we did was take a piece of wood (this was so long ago that I forget all the important bits... like dimensions), rip it down to the same width as the banister, and then using the banister as our guide, we measured the length.

We screwed it directly to the subfloor and then installed the newel post.

I had hoped a while ago to find a different antique newel post. Something a bit beefier. But we couldn't find something that we both agreed on and I was getting impatient to move into our master bedroom so we just refinished the original one.

This was a decision that I'm actually quite glad we made. We have torn so much out of this house that it's nice to be able to keep a few original things.

Once the newel post was intalled, I used a gel stain to get it to the desired colour and multiple applications of clear coats to make it shiny.

Then I primed the base white and painted it with a semi-gloss white to match what the spindles will eventually be painted with.

Once the base was done we could FINALLY get the flooring installed.

It took a little longer than you'd think just because of all the weird angles and doors it had to come in contact with but ultimately it only took a couple of days if I remember correctly.

I'm going to leave it there for now because... you know... baby... but I'm hoping to be able to update the blog more regularly from here on out.

Promises, promises...

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