About Us


My name is Alison and my husband Jake will likely be featured throughout this blog as well (even though he probably won't like it). 

We have a dog named Seamus who simultaneously enjoys crawling around under decks and climbing trees.... yeah.. climbing trees.

We are currently at the "first-time home buyers" stage and it is both incredibly exciting and exhausting. There are all these plans and ideas that we have for our brand-new (yet built in the 1890's) home but ultimately we are two people who really like the idea of things done DIY but are too lazy to accomplish much. 

In theory, this blog is meant to document our journey from renters into home-ownership and beyond while at the same time maybe help, or inspire a few people. 

In reality it's a way for me to maintain my writing skills while also having the pressure of a stranger's (or friend's...) judgement to force encourage us to follow through on home projects. 

Let me know just how terrible I'm doing :D